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Newsademic is a fortnightly easy-to-read (educational) newspaper, featuring the top world news stories that have made headlines during the previous two weeks. Produced in both a PDF and HTML format, each issue is accompanied by two sets of activities/worksheets (hard and easy) plus the respective answer keys. Age range varies with students' ability, but guide target readership is between 9 and 16 years of age.

Newsademic carries no advertising. Neither does it feature articles about television, sport, computer games, pop music or celebrity culture. Its focus is on international news events that shape and affect the world that we all live in today. Articles featured in the publication reflect no political or religious bias. Stories are reported factually and every attempt is made to feature both sides of any situation in which opinions differ.

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Newsademic Newspapers


Wacky but True

    (Hard copy)

 Wacky But True is chockablock full of stories and facts. It has an easy to read style for those aged 8 to 14 who are into nature, history, people, geography, puzzles and plain good fun. Wacky gives hours of entertainment the kids will find irresistible!

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 Double Helix


Double Helix by CSIRO is a fun, inspiring, educational magazine for kids and early teens.

Make, create and experiment with activities. Enjoy puzzles, prizes and comics galore. Get the latest news in science, technology, engineering and maths. See for samples and more information.

HEA members can access Double Helix subscriptions at a discounted rate:1 year subscription (8 issues) usually costs $60, pay $52.  Email with your HEA number and expiry date to subscribe.



Bayard -logo -webBayard Children’s Magazines: StoryBox, AdventureBox, DiscoveryBox

Bayard publishes a range of high-quality, educational and fun magazines for children: StoryBox (ages 3-6), AdventureBox (ages 6-9) and DiscoveryBox (ages 9-12). Each title is tailor-made for its age group and produced with the utmost attention to detail. These award-winning magazines (Parent’s Choice Awards, Practical Pre-School Award) combine fiction, facts and fun in a unique way: book-length stories written and illustrated by top authors and artists, articles about science/history/nature/world, hilarious comic-strips, endearing heroes, games and fun activities… All this in a single magazine, in every monthly issue! And unlike all the other children’s magazines, Bayard publications are absolutely advert-free. StoryBox, AdventureBox and DiscoveryBox have been published in the UK for more than 20 years.

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 Owlkids Magazines: Chirp, ChickaDEE and Owl

Trusted by parents, loved by kids!

Owlkids is the leading publisher of children’s magazines in Canada. Chirp (ages 3-6), ChickaDEE (ages 6-9) and OWL (ages 9-13) satisfy the children’s insatiable thirst for learning and appetite for humour.  Each monthly issue is packed with stories, comic-strips, puzzles, activities, jokes and more! These award-winning magazines (Parents’ Choice Awards) encourage kids to discover, explore, engage, and inspire. Published in Toronto since 1976.

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HEA members can subscribe to Bayard magazines at a discounted rate:1 year subscription (10 issues) to Australia usually costs $70, pay $60 only!  Email with your HEA number and expiry date to subscribe.