Saturday, 6 April 2013

We are EyeKey Productions, based in Brisbane, Australia comprised of four young homeschooled men, Ryan and Connor Grzesiak along with Judah and Asa Simard, two sets of brothers (15-19yrs old), who've grown up together making films at every opportunity and who believe that our film making is intrinsically connected with our faith. 

Homeschooling has provided us with an outlet from which we can focus on areas we enjoy and work on developing our independent ventures. We have had the freedom to pursue our interests and work in an environment that is void of peer pressure and its discouragements enabling us to directly improve our knowledge and abilities on a subject. In addition, homeschooling has provided the flexibility to alter our schedules expanding our availability to be involved in various projects that have arisen.

We've been progressively developing our capabilities over the last few years and have been modestly successful during the last 12 months or so, both individually and collectively (collectively taking home the prize for Best film, Best Sound Design and Best under 18yrs at Toowoomba's Origin8 24hr film festival of August 2012 for The Remorse and being selected for Tropfest 2013's top 100. Individually, in 2012 Judah topped an international field of competitors to win an acting scholarship to Hollywood while Ryan employed his film animating skills to place first in a national science project Bullet), such that it has encouraged us to stretch a little further in this, our latest project.

On our latest project, we are embarking on the 168film Project which is an international short film festival being held in Los Angeles, USA. In its 11th year, the 168 Film Project is a worldwide incubator for faith-filled media that includes writing and filmmaking competitions, training and exhibitions. The challenge to filmmakers worldwide is to be given, by draw, their uniquely own random scripture, and, in just 168 hours (7 days), shoot and edit a 10-minute thematically based film. The 2013 season of the 168 Film Project begins in April with mixers and training for filmmakers and concludes in August with the 168 Film Festival.

What especially excites us about this opportunity is the fact that this year Echolight Studios is providing up to $1 Million for feature film production and distribution to the producer of the BEST FILM of the 168 Film Project Signature Speed Film Competition. Filmmakers are competing for a creative relationship with funds attached. The relationship will be flexible, so as to complement the strengths of the winning producer. Featuring a full film distribution platform servicing theatrical, home video, digital/VOD and broadcast in both domestic and international markets. Echolight Studios is committed to high quality entertainment for families of faith. See

We've paid the entry fee, now we're looking for some modest funding to ensure that we can maximise our chances of competing competitively, and, hopefully, winning!

In the end though this project is just another step in the pursuit of a vision held by all of us to produce feature films (stories) that have meaningful messages and broad audience appeal. Want to share the journey with us? There are no guarantees of success in terms of winning the top prize. However, what is guaranteed is that no matter the result we will have developed, yet further, our production skills on all fronts, creative, administrative and commercially and hopefully met and worked with many other people who all are unified in seeking to use the medium of film for the glory of God.

If the project we are embarking upon somehow piques your interest to get on board and come along side us for the adventure then please follow the link below to back the project and find us on facebook, twitter and instagram. We'd love to hear from you!
Instagram: eyekeyproduction


Sponsume 168film Project from astory on Vimeo.