Tuesday, 3 September 2013

NSW OBoS Update

The changes in the revised Board of Studies Information Pack (published on the OBoS site last Monday Link: Board of Studies Info Pack) are causing concern to many home educating families in New South Wales and some from other states. Please visit the HEA site to read a summary of changes prepared by the committee: http://hea.edu.au

HEA is looking for feedback on these changes. It is planning to meet with representatives from the Board of Studies next week, with the intention of raising any concerns held by our members. Email your feedback to admin@hea.edu.auor use the contact form on the website: http://hea.edu.au/contact.html Please include any problems you have experienced in renewing your registration, or registering in the first place. You can request for your feedback to remain anonymous and to be used only for the purpose of helping the committee collate a list of issues.

If you wish to volunteer to help out on the newly established Lobbying Subcommittee please send a request to Tamara,president@hea.edu.au. If you are on Facebook add your comments to the discussion happening over there on the HEA page: https://www.facebook.com/homeeducationassociation Several HEA members have taken action to express their concerns independently of the HEA. Many are writing letters to the Office of Board of Studies and/or the Minister for Education. If you would like to do the same, send a copy of these letters to your local political candidates and sitting member of parliament. Tell them how these changes will affect your child's home education experience. Be as specific if you can - that will help them to understand the nature of home education. If you are not registered and don't want to reveal your identity, get together with a group (your unschool/homeschool group perhaps) and pen a group letter.

Your feedback on this issue is needed by the committe.

Thank you