Friday, 31 May 2019

Includes SPECIAL RESOLUTION VOTE. 1:30pm AEST online or in person at a Sydney venue.

All Members welcome.

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Notice to all HEA Members:

SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the Home Education Association, Inc.

ABN: 98 261 801 288        Incorporated Association: 98 75 957
Notice authorised by the Secretary, Ruth Easton.

The SGM will include a Special Resolution to be voted upon by the Members.

21 days notice is being given to the Members that at this meeting a Special Resolution will be considered. For the Special Resolution to pass, 75% of the members in attendance must vote in favour. This is in respect to, and compliance with, sections 55, 60 and 61 of the HEA ConstitutionDetails of the Special Resolution and Voting procedure are included in this Notice.

Saturday, 22 June 2019
1:30 pm AEST

All members are invited to attend.


Two Locations:  Physical Venue and Online through “Zoom”

RSVP to Secretary Ruth Easton at


Rsvp by 15 June for in-person attendance

Sydney Venue: Sydney Film School

242 Young Street, Waterloo, NSW 2017

Register by 20 June for Zoom attendance

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Following the SGM, an Extraordinary General Meeting will follow to approve the Association's Financials and previous Minutes. 5:30pm AEST, 22 June 2019.

Voting: Current Members in attendance at the meeting (physical venue or electronically online) have the right to one vote per membership. A Special Resolution Vote will take place requiring 75% of the votes to be “in-favour” for the Resolution to pass.

In compliance with section 59 of the HEA Constitution, President/Chair Karen Chegwidden has determined that voting will be by a “show of hands” by members in attendance - whether they attend in person or via the electronic-internet “Zoom” platform.

Note: the family member attending the meeting and voting, must be listed on their Membership card. This is accessible via the HEA website.  Zoom cameras will be required to be "on".


Special Resolution: The Member-held meeting on 5 May 2018 will be recognised as a valid Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the HEA, Inc.  

A Special Resolution is required to remedy the 2018 member-held AGM by making a one-time exception to the HEA’s Constitution rule regarding 14 day notification for general meetings, specifically Constitution point 54.


To address the Association's history of the past 18 months and to allow the members to meet and have their questions answered; and

to Vote on a Special Resolution to recognise the 2018 Member-held AGM as a valid Annual General Meeting, accepting the financial records and reports and recognising the members elected to the Committee not as “interim” but validly appointed - a committee who was formed from 5 May 2018 for twelve months to 4 May 2019.



On 3 April 2019 NSW Supreme Court Orders made by Justice Black declared that the attempted expulsions of HEA Life-Members President Vivienne Fox and Karleen Gribble by five members of the 2017 Management Committee, to be of “no legal effect or force”. Meaning they never happened, they were completely invalid. (Link to Orders).


Exactly one year before, on 3 April 2018, 250 members of the HEA petitioned and formally requisitioned the 2017 Management Committee to hold a Special General Meeting to address concerns over the attempted expulsions and the cancelling of the AGM which had been scheduled for 20 March 2018.


The members’ requisitioned SGM was never called by the 2017 Management Committee and they also attempted to cancel the second scheduled AGM which had been set for 5 May 2018. The Zoom attendance link and the voting ballot were prematurely closed by one of the outgoing committee members just 7 hours prior to the scheduled AGM start time of 7:30pm AEST on 5 May 2018, leaving the members without an avenue to meet and elect a new Committee.


Seventy HEA Members, led by the rightful President, Vivienne Fox, continued with the scheduled AGM - the largest attendance in HEA history. A new “Zoom” online teleconference link was created. The meeting followed the original Agenda set out by the 2017 Committee.


It was acknowledged at this member-held AGM, that not every member was made aware that the meeting was still going to go ahead, so it was decided that the newly elected committee would be ‘interim’ for only 4 weeks. It was voted upon and minuted, that a fresh election with all nominees and members voting to occur on 2 June 2018.


However, this was blocked by members of the previous committee and some of their supporters by alleging to the Office of Fair Trading that the member-held AGM was illegal and that Vivienne Fox was “not a member”.


The people who were voted in as the 4-week “interim committee” ended up in those positions for an entire year, but without a way to communicate to all the members, and without access to the HEA administrative property. However, they held the Association together, meeting regularly and paying bills wherever they could out of their own funds, and communicating with the members the best they could.


These matters ended up being taken to the NSW Supreme Court and finally on 3 April 2019 mediation occurred and Orders made, resulting in an election of the 2019 Management Committee. This election took place on 4 May 2019. All of the “interim” committee were re-elected, as well as three other new nominees.


The 2019 Management Committee would like to honour the members’ right to call and hold a Special General Meeting.  Though all of the Petition points of April 2018 have now had a resolution, it is time for the members to meet together and discuss and ask questions about the events over the past 18 months.

Sydney Film School is approximately 5km from the Sydney CBD. It is about a 10 minute walk from Green Square station and a 17 minute walk from Redfern station.  There are many bus routes nearby.  On street parking in nearby area. Some food outlets about 5 min walk away. There is a lift in the venue for accessibility.

RSVP by 15 June if attending in person.

Children will not be permitted to attend in person as the School is holding classes on the day in other rooms and it is an adult learning environment.
We will also hold the SGM via Zoom online so HEA members across the country can attend. Register for Zoom by 20 June HERE.