Cosmos Magazine Issue 50 now available.

Issue 50: 2063 The Future

What does the future hold? In this special 50th issue of COSMOS, Australia's #1 science magazine, we ask leading scientists to imagine the world 50 years from now. Radical changes in population, climate and food supply are certain by 2063; but equally certain are paradigm-shifting breakthroughs that will transform health, energy, the environment and food technology. Glimpse the future in this feature-packed issue of COSMOS.

Available for online viewing now. To gain access, email with your HEA number and a request to get access to the magazine.

Issue 50: 2063 The Future

Bell Shakespeare Professional Learning in May

Shakespeare’s plays began at The Globe, performed for all walks of society and alive with the magic of theatre. Too often when educating our children we forget that crucial word ‘play’ and introduce them to the Bard as a book, and an old one at that, with the act of deciphering the language distancing them from the immediacy of the still surprisingly contemporary and universal truths at their heart.

At Bell Shakespeare we are passionate about giving our audiences, young and old, access to experiencing Shakespeare as it was meant to be, as a live theatre production. But we also know how important it is to assist our teachers and educators with strategies to bring the plays alive, engaging students with their study of Shakespeare on a deep level and alleviating any of their own fears about tackling the Bard.

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2013 MS Readathon

The 2013 MS Readathon will be underway shortly and here is a link to important dates for you to lock into your calendar.

Seeking Financial Support

We are EyeKey Productions, based in Brisbane, Australia comprised of four young homeschooled men, Ryan and Connor Grzesiak along with Judah and Asa Simard, two sets of brothers (15-19yrs old), who've grown up together making films at every opportunity and who believe that our film making is intrinsically connected with our faith. 

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Rethinking WHAT We Teach

I graduated from high school in 1982.  By my students' standards, that makes me old.  I grew up in an age of books, pens, and paper.  Information was scarce and if I wanted access to knowledge I had to look in libraries, textbooks, or in the minds of my teachers.  In contrast, today's students are living in an information-saturated society. Read more