24 month HEA membership subscription $100

Over $480 value!

If you are already a member and need to Renew your membership, login first, then join. If your membership has expired only within 3 weeks you will get the $90 pricing but be backdated to your original expiry date.

Any questions? Email: contact@hea.edu.au


  • Included:
  • World Book Online - Free
  • Story Box Library - Free
  • Access to discounts for online educational subscriptions
  • Registration Pack
  • Event Organiser Insurance
  • Student Work Experience Insurance
  • Student ID Card
  • Regular Newsletters
  • Stepping Stones Quarterly Digital Magazine
  • hea.edu.au email address with Google Education G-Suite
  • Voting Rights
  • Eligibility to be an HEA Volunteer
  • Eligibility to nominate to be on the Committee
  • Discounted entry to HEA conferences
  • Your fees also go to support all homeschoolers through:
  • *Phone Helpline
  • *Email support
  • *Registration support
  • *Advocacy for the rights of all home educators
  • *HEA Website

 How your membership helps all home educators

  • Increase profile of and confidence in home education
  • Advocate in the interests of home education
  • Coordinate and run events and conferences
  • Provide and facilitate service offerings
  • Foster networks and support groups and train volunteers
  • Connect to organisations and suppliers in the sector
  • Govern and manage the association well


Please Note: HEA membership commences on the day your payment for the membership is processed. However, the HEA Constitution requires the Committee to approve all memberships. The HEA reserves the right to refuse new memberships without explanation and your full fees will be refunded to you. Generally no refunds of membership fees will be given if you simply change your mind.