How HEA membership benefits you

  • Free access to Public Liability insurance cover for your events
  • Free access to our group work experience cover for your students doing work experience
  • Free Registration Packs
  • Access to our group subscription discounts
  • Discounts from suppliers that offer special deals to HEA members
  • Telephone support service
  • Student ID Cards
  • Vote in the March AGM
  • Registration support
  • Opportunities to get involved!

How your membership helps all home educators

  • Your membership fees go towards financing insurance policies and services that we can give to our members
  • Your membership helps to grow the buying power of the HEA so we can bring you better deals
  • Your membership helps us to provide support to thousands of home educators in Australia
  • HEA provides support, services and products to home educators across Australia
  • HEA provides considered sponsorship to encourage and support home education events
  • Advertising and promotion of home education across Australia