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SHEN (Sydney Home Education Network) - http://www.shen.org.au/

To find other homeschooling families in NSW visit the support contacts listings.
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Looking for local groups in Sydney. Check out the link under the map. Thanks to member Christine Milne for creating the map. 

Not every group is on the map (some of them prefer to stay small and private), and Christine will add new groups as and when they ask to join. 

All the groups that are on the map, are there with their admins’ permission. The pins don’t show any precise locations, they are purposefully ‘in the general area’ that each group meets. If you would like to volunteer to create a map of social groups in your area/state, please email: contact@hea.edu.au

Map of Sydney Home Ed Groups

 Map of Sydney Home Ed Groups

REGISTRATION:  BOSTES - Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards, NSW.

BOSTES is where you can find information about how to register for home education. Please use their Information Pack in conjunction with the Questions and Answers document provided on the BOSTES website.  http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/home-schooling/index.html

NEW: FEEDBACK FORM - Complaints, issues, feedback regarding registration, BOSTES, Government Agents or any other individual or issue relating to home education in Australia.  Download Here.

The HEA also strongly recommends you use this document to assist you through the process:




The legislation covering NSW home education:

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NSW's most recent Information Pack saw a number of changes which were implemented without consultation with the wider homeschooling community. The HEA Lobby Committee have strongly protested these changes and the information pack needs to be read in conjunction with the Questions and Answers document provided on their website.

The HEA has been lobbying the NSW government to remove the restrictive regulation that they had put in placed. We have had some success. Although it has not been formalised in a new Home Ed Information Pack, the Office of the Board of Studies has recognised that home educators can 1) Provide their children with education outside of their home, 2) Share teaching with other individuals, 3) Use summaries of the Board Syllabuses such as the Stage Statements rather than just the Syllabus outcomes in planning, assessing and reporting on their educational programs. There's still some work to do with getting these changes officially recognised but there are also other issues that need to be raised.
Did you know that:
* Home educators are being excluded from educational opportunities available to other students in NSW. For example, private and state school students can access TVET Tafe courses but not home educated students and private and state school students in NSW, the ACT and in PAPUA NEW GUINEA can access the distance education language classes of the Open High School but home educated students cannot. 
* Home educators are being refused Family Tax Benefit once their children turn 16 because they cannot meet the full time education requirement. 
* Home educated students in other states can be part time enrolled in school and part-time registered for home education but not in NSW
* Home educating families in NSW who are travelling for more than 12 weeks a year are being refused registration.
* Home educated children with disabilities are being refused access to resources available to children in schools.

The HEA lobbying is widening to cover these (and other) issues and to get real consultation with the home education community about issues affecting us. Do you want to be involved???

NSW LOBBYING UPDATE 16th June 2014: : Petition is in! And inquiry into homeschooling has been commissioned. Please download the following documents for full information.

 UPDATE 21st May 2014: Summary of issues and statistics to take to your MP

UPDATE: 18th May 2014   Questions have been presented by 3 ministers to parliament at question time over a range of issues. Hansard excerpts here.