Home educators are finding that preparing an education programme for their child is a helpful way of documenting their ideas and are using this to demonstrate their educational plans to government officials.

These programmes are similar to the documentation which a teacher is trained to prepare. It can, however, seem a daunting task to persons who have not done this before. See a personal view on programming.

The HEA are providing the following programming examples in an effort to assist home educators to overcome these difficulties. These samples, which have been used by others to obtain registration in NSW, demonstrate a level of documentation required for registration. They will help you to gauge what you could provide to the authorities.

You are welcome to modify the following documents for you own personal use:

  • Programme 1: Submitted for registration by documentation (NSW) for 10 and 14 year old in May 1999. Registration by documentation is available in NSW if you have had 2 previous 2 year registrations through an 'approved person' visit. This application may be somewhat more than others have provided.
  • Programme 2: This is a programme for an 11 year old who, with her two other siblings, were going to be starting home education for the first time, so this program would be shown to an 'approved person' when they visited the family home. A 2 year registration period was obtained after some insistence.
  • Programme 3: Programme for an 8 year special needs child.
  • Programme 4: Programme for a 6 and 8 year old. This programme has been used and modified by many other home educators over the years.
  • Programme 5: Programme for a 6 year old.
  • Programme 6: This isn't exactly a program as such but it's a good example of how an unprogrammed approach to home education can show 'proof' of learning by assessment.

If you have applied successfully for registration/exemption with minimal documentation (especially with your first or second registration) please assist other home educators by sending copies to the HEA.

As the samples we have made available are all sourced from NSW we particularly encourage home educators in other states to provide us with quality documentation. This is a valuable resource for others.

Author: Janelle Hardy