The following is a summary of what to expect from the Board of Studies during a review of home education registration. Written November 2010.

Letter from B.O.S. stating

  • Due for renewal
  • Documentation needs to be provided for renewal
  • If children aren't registered must be enrolled in a recognised school
  • If children aren't reregisterd and aren't enrolled in a school then B.O.S. will make notification to both truancy and DoCs.

Phone Call from the B.O.S. Authorised Person

  • To introduce themselves
  • Brief chat re how you're going (if renewing) or on what thinking/consideration you have given to homeschooling (if newby).
  • Talk about what their role is
  • Answer any questions you have (now's the time to ask what they want to see so you don't drive yourself round the twist later second guessing yourself)
  • Make a time to come out and see you


  • Big Stick
  • B.O.S. looking to catch you out
  • What you have done with your kids won't be good enough, you won't be able to demonstrate their learning clearly, and will be found lacking generally and a failure as a teacher
  • You'll need reams and reams of info to satisfy the requirements


Will always feel like not ready or don't have enough to ‘prove' our worth and what we are doing with our children – B.O.S. are not like this to deal with.

Easy going


Clear in what their role is

Clear that homeschooling is a viable educational method

Clear that their role is to encourage, support, assist to help meet requirements

Need some basic information from you re what you are doing with your children

The Authorised Person

Want to know three things

1) Commitment

2) Capability

3) Ability to meet minimum guidelines for each KLA (Key Learning Area)

To complete their assessment the authorised person will comment on

1. Teaching/Learning Program

2. Facilities, Learning Environment & Resources

3. Recording of Student Learning Experiences and Progress/Achievement

4. Other

General Info

B.O.S. need to see the child every four years.

If assessed as meeting criteria you are encouraged to register by paperwork the next time round but also have the option of having the assessor come out to your home.

Maximum registration period of 2 years.


Author: Sharyn