Written in 2009

The Queensland Registration Policy has changed in recent years and is now based on the following:

"Home Education is a lawful alternative when considering the education of children of compulsory school age, or in the compulsory participation phase, in Queensland."

"The Queensland Government supports a parent's right to choose an educational environment that suits their child. Some parents choose to school their children at home for a variety of reasons. To balance a parent's right to educate their child and the State's obligation to ensure that all children are appropriately educated, a parent, as part of their responsibility, needs to apply for and be granted registration for their child.

A parent submits an application for a child to be registered for home education. When choosing this form of education, the parent accepts the responsibility of educating their child at home using an educational program or learning philosophy developed or adapted by them or by a registered teacher, primarily at the child's usual place of residence.

A child is granted registration once the parent has satisfactorily provided all required information as stated on the application form and the Director-General of Education, Training and the Arts (or delegate) is satisfied the conditions of registration will be met. To support continued registration a parent is required to provide an annual report which demonstrates the educational progress of the child. It is a standard condition of registration that the child receives a high-quality education.

To be eligible for registration a child is to be: usually resident in Queensland; of compulsory school age or in the compulsory participation phase;"

In order to register your child you need to complete/provide the following

A. All parents wishing to register for home education in Queensland must notify their current school (if applicable) to cancel their enrolment. You may not be registered and have a current enrolment at any school state or otherwise in Qld. This includes Distance Education schools.

B. The “relevant parts of an application form must be completed. The "relevant parts” refer to demographic data about you and your child including Educational history and whether you or a registered teacher will be teaching your child.

C. A photocopy of your child's full birth certificate must be provided.

D. A detailed copy of the educational program or learning philosophy you will use with your child must be submitted.

Under s.208 of the EGPA 2006 the parent is to provide a summary of the adapted or developed educational program or learning philosophy to be used for the home education of their child.

1. This documentation should show evidence that the adapted or developed educational program or learning philosophy to be used—

a. has regard to the age, ability, aptitude and development of the child concerned; 
b. takes account and promotes continuity of the learning experiences of the child concerned; 
c. is responsive to the changing needs of the child concerned; 
d. reflects and takes into account current understandings related to educational and other development of children; 
e. is responsive to the child's need for social development; 
f. is supported by sufficient and suitable resources; 
g. is conducted in an environment conducive to learning.

2. The documentation supplied should clearly address each of the above requirements and should indicate how the requirements will be met.

Practically this means listing your educational goals for your child and providing a plan that outlines how you expect to achieve those goals as well as a brief paragraph on your child's learning environment. It also allows for an unschooling philosophy.

E. The statutory declaration has been completed and signed

This is basically a commitment to the Education Department that the child will not be enrolled while registered; that the child will receive a high quality education in line with provided program; that if you change address you will notify them; and that you will submit a written report for your child at the 10 month point of your home schooling registration.

The report involves the submission of 6 work samples (2 for English, 2 for Maths and 2 for a subject of your choice) taken after 3 months and at 6 months from the beginning of the registration year. These are to demonstrate student progress (or not) and should be accompanied by a brief treatise on the reasons the parent chose these samples and why they are deemed to be suitable examples of the child's achievement.

The parents are asked to demonstrate the operation of what is called the "Teaching/Learning Cycle". This is just the process where you deliver an educational program, assess how it is going and then make changes as necessary. It shows that the parent/educator is self evaluative. If your child is not progressing then that is OK as long as you demonstrate you are aware of it and there are sutiable explanations or if they can see that you are trying to change in order to promote progress.


Author: Jane