The HEA is a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation - so help is needed!

We need volunteers to allow the HEA to continue to assist Australian Home Educators with the home education journey. The HEA provides many wonderful services for home educators and we'd love your help.

Some areas that you can help with are:

  • Support Contact Person - list yourself on our website as a contact (no need to disclose full details).
  • Phone Support - This involves volunteering to answer some phone calls and give support to those that ring in.
  • Publications - Helping with design, editing, layout and printing of HEA publications such as the newsletter, magazine and Printed Resource Directory.
  • Public Fund - Managing and administering the HEA public fund.
  • Lobbying - Discussing, consulting and representing issues that require attention in the public and political arena.
  • Training - Designing and delivering training courses for home educating parents.
  • Subscriptions - Acquiring, negotiating and organising group discount subscriptions for home education related products and services.

If you can offer your time, knowledge, skills or all of these things combined, we'd love to hear from you. 

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every year in March and is when regular members can nominate themselves or other members to serve on the Committee. Members are encouraged to attend (teleconference) the AGM and both vote for Committee members and to help set agenda tasks for the upcoming year. 

In addition to the AGM, regular Committee meetings are held once a month - again by teleconference call.  All HEA members are welcome to bring discussion items to the agenda for the Committee to discuss and possibly vote into policy. Please send any items to the agenda two weeks in advance to the Secretary (  All members are welcome to attend the monthly meetings and can contribute though not vote.

To volunteer please contact the President ( and have a chat :)