The 2021 Annual General Meeting of
the Home Education Association, Inc.

Sunday, 13th June 2021

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held online via Zoom at 3pm on 13th June.

AGM Documents

The 2021 AGM Notice of Meeting , Agenda, Annual Report  and Minutes can be accessed by logging into the Members Portal.

Six eligible committee nominations were received. As the number was less than  vacancies, all six were taken to have been elected at the AGM. 

Elected members of the 2021-22 Committee:

Karen Chegwidden - President

Tere Latimer - Vice President

Ruth Easton - Secretary

Lyn Kulow - Treasurer

David Walters - Member

Mikhayl von Riebon - Member

More information on the Committee and their portfolios can be found here.

HEA new committee 2021-06_edited.jpg