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"Billie" Australian Animated
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Emoo’s Too Slow
Fiction inspired by
Cathy Freeman, Olympic runner


Morton Can’t See
Fiction inspired by
Dr Fred Hollows, eye surgeon

The full version of this story is supported by a ‘treasure trove’ of activities. In each story there are a number of ** indicating suggested pauses that are linked to activities in the activity book. They support deep learning and the pursuit of PURPOSE. The activities are suitable for a range of age levels and literacy skills.

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More stories Coming Soon...!

Inspired by
Nancy Bird Walton, aviator


Inspired by
Prof. Graeme Clark, cochlear implant

Bernard Thompson.jpg

Inspired by
Dr Fiona Wood, surgeon

Tanya Coli .jpg

Inspired by
Ben Lexcen, designer

Billie The Clever Pig is a series of interactive audio visual stories designed for Foundation to Year 2 children.


Billie provides teachers and parents a way to help children discover their PURPOSE.


Each story is structured to plant the seed of early career thought and develop important social skills.


The stories are accompanied by fun activities for teachers and parents to enable role play and discussion linked to learning from the Australian Curriculum. Teachers and parents can gauge story impact through the activities.


Do You Know What You Want To Be? 

Let’s find out!

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