Temporary Changes to Registration

All States & Territories Update:

It is pleasing to note that most jurisdictions have implemented flexible arrangements for home education registration during this time; there is a summary below. Families learning at home but still enrolled at school during this time do not need to register.

See below for each State and Territory changes...


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COVID-19: NESA Tightens Regulations

PRESS RELEASE: NESA tightens regulations for homeschoolers during COVID-19 situation.

Home Education is the only part of the education sector which has not experienced huge upheaval in recent weeks. Ironically, as the wider education sector has looked to home educators for advice on managing their children at home, the NSW Department of Education (NESA) has taken this opportunity to tighten regulations for homeschooling, giving shorter registration periods to some applicants.

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Latest Stepping Stone Edition is out!

Autumn is here - and along with it, the Autumn 2020 edition of Stepping Stones magazine! In order to offer support to the wider education community at this time, we are making this edition of SS available to everyone, for free.

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HEA's Lynda Carlos on ABC Radio

The media has started noticing the recent increased interest in homeschooling because of the current public health emergency. 

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Consultation on HEA Constitution Redraft 2020

HEA Members are invited to give feedback on proposed updates to the Constitution. Round #1 opens today, 11th March and closes 20th March.

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