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Grammar in a Nutshell


To take up this offer, first organise your free hea.edu.au email address.

Then place your order for your Family Grammar in a Nutshell subscription. Just $7.70!  Both can be done in the HEA Members Shop  - EasyPeasy!

Grammar in a Nutshell is an online resource that teaches all aspects of English Grammar, allowing teachers and students of all ages to learn English Grammar in an engaging and interesting manner in a class setting or from the comfort of their own home.

The HEA has secured the amazing FAMILY PRICE of just $7.70!  (That's $7.70 for a family with up to 10 children!) Past discounted prices have been $22 for the first child and $16 for the second...

$7.70 for the whole family if you register/login with Grammar in a Nutshell using a hea.edu.au email account.

All HEA members can get an hea.edu.au email account by request to contact@hea.edu.au 


Kitehawk Learning: Spelling & Literacy Program

Kitehawk Squ Logo

Confident spellers make confident writers and readers!

HEA Members get 50% off Kitehawk's Online Program - usually $29.95/year but for HEA it's just $14.95!
Go to the HEA Members Shop on how to buy.

Phonics awareness is the key to confident reading and writing. The best way to learn and understand phonics is through the Kitehawk Program.


Story Box Library - Included Free with your HEA Membership


 What is Story Box Library?

Story Box Library is a subscription based educational website, created for children to view stories by local authors and illustrators, being read aloud by fantastic, predominantly Australian and New Zealand, storytellers.

Story Box Library - Details on how to access are found in the HEA Member Shop.


 Spellodrome + ReadiWriter

Spellodrome Squre




Rw Spelling Logo 2020

Spellodrome encourages spelling awareness and independent learning

Now $12 pro-rata from June 2020 to Feb 2021.

*The 3P subscription calendar runs until 29 Feb 2021.  The HEA has been able to arrange calendar year subscriptions for members for $15 per student! (normally $50).


Members' Shop here

**BONUS - Spellodrome subscriptions now include a FREE a subscription to "ReadiWriter" !

What is Readiwriter Spelling?

We asked educators around the world to help us create a next-generation spelling program. With their insights and feedback, years of research and hard work, Readiwriter Spelling was born! It is built around 3P Learning's 6M Learning Framework, which is motivate, model, master, maintain, magnify and meaningful feedback. 

You can find out more about Readiwriter Spelling in this document -  Introducing Readiwriter Spelling.pdf   and in these videos –  Readiwriter Help Hub


Literacy Planet: Reading & Spelling


Literacy Planet

HEA Members = just $16.50 per student!

Normally $16 for just ONE month!

YouTube Videos

Literacy Planet Info

 What is LiteracyPlanet?


  • Over 15,000 curriculum-aligned exercise.
  • Covers key strands including spelling, grammar, punctuation, comprehension, reading, phonics, sight words and writing.
  • Caters to children aged 4 to 15 and beyond.
  • Available on Mac/PC, Tablets and Chromebooks. 
Literacy Planet is available to HEA members at the fantastic rate of $16.50 per student for 12 months. Free Trial available.  
Buy your subscription through the Members' Shop


SKWIRK: Multi-subject lesson resource

Skwirk (1)


Australian resources for Australian education

Skwirk provides a wealth of teacher and student resources for six subjects  (Maths, English, History, Geography, Science and Commerce) all in one safe and easy to access location. Create lessons in minutes and assign work to students from Foundation to Year 10.

HEA members can register for Skwirk's Home Educator access 12 months at 50% discount off the normal price. The discounted price is $100 and covers one to five children (normally $200).  To get the HEA Code, go to the Members' Shop.

https://www.skwirk.com.au    Free Trial available. 


  • All content is Australian-curriculum aligned and Skwirk is Australian owned and operated
  • Our content is designed and written by Australian teachers so no need to filter out irrelevant references or Americanised spelling



Phonics Hero

Phonics Hero

Growing Reading and Spelling Superheroes!

Phonics Hero teaches children in Kindy/Prep to Year 2 to read and spell with systematic, synthetic phonics. It teaches all 44 phonemes/sounds of the English language.
Included in a subscription is access to: 850 games either on the Apple App or online, live reporting, parent video tutorials and tips from our phonics experts. 
HEA Members can get 12-months for the normal 6-month price of $50!
Go to the HEA Members Shop on how to buy.
http://www.phonicshero.com/  7-day Free Trial Available! 


Minecraft Education Edition: Multi-Discipline

Minecraft Icon

HEA is now an Authorised Microsoft Partner making Minecraft Education available to homeschooling members!

Minecraft Education Edition is only $8.20 annually per HEA member student! 

Explore hundreds of lessons created by educators around the world, for students of all ages.


To purchase Minecraft through the HEA you will need to set up an HEA email address and a Microsoft O365 account - both free!

Go to the Members' Shop to order

MEE English

Reading Eggs

Read _eggs _log 

Combined subscription to ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds – at $83.90 normally $94.99 ( valued at $139.90)  - 40% discount off the full amount.

Go to Members' Shop  on how to signup to Reading Eggs and/or Mathseeds.

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.

HEA: 12 month subscription for $48.00

This includes ABC Reading Eggspress (8-13yrs)  and the NEW ABC Reading Eggs Junior (2-4yrs). 

(Normally $79.95  = 40% discount).   www.readingeggs.com


Ready-Ed Publications: Multi-subject lesson resource

Ready-Ed Publications

Go to the HEA Members Shop to get the discount code.

Visit www.readyed.net

Primary school resources for all learning areas

Online resources for digital devices

Mini ebooks

FREE activity sheets

Primary School Resource Books

HEA Members receive 30% off all hard and e-books!

Ready-Ed Publications offer Australian-made, high quality, innovative time-saving educational resources for home school educators.  Publications come in choice of e-books or hardcopy.

Curriculum-linked English (LLL) teaching resources in hard copy or printable ebook download format.

Teach Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Phonics, Grammar, Speaking and Listening, and Writing using quality Australian-made educational books for all primary years.

English Workbooks: 

Readyedeng1    Readyedeng2   Readyedeng3 


My Online Schooling 

My Online Schooling Banner


 Save $200 off enrolment fee!

Myonlineschooling Photo

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with the friendly Perth-based team

  Online home-schooling support

 My Online Schooling provides education online for  young people ages 8-18.

 HEA members enjoy 50% off enrolment fee = $200 Savings!

  Live, interactive lessons
  Flexible learning accessible from anywhere in the world
  Fully trained & qualified teachers 
  Small, focused classes
  A supportive pupil and parent community
  Ongoing administrative and pastoral support

 Access this discount information through the HEA Member Shop

 Request a Free Taster Lesson - As it sounds a taster lesson offers a taste of life with My Online Schooling. For an insight into how their classes operate, request a taster lesson here.




GCSE Subjects Squ


HEA Members can get 10% discount per subject.

Online GCSE has award-winning online learning content available to support 16 of the most popular Cambridge IGCSE subjects.

Ensure that you are fully prepared for your exams with our library of more than 6 000 learning videos. Specifically designed to squeeze the right amount of knowledge into short 3-5 minute chunks, we give the knowledge needed for you to excel in your exams.

What makes our content unique is its individualised learning plan that we offer, which has been developed to identify each student’s unique learning gaps and then generate additional learning videos to fill these gaps.

Information about each subject can be found on our subject page  https://www.onlinegcse.com/subjects 

Register NOW through the HEA Members Shop to get your 10% discount for each subject.



RIC Publications


HEA Members can get 10% off purchases.

Login to the HEA Member Shop to find out how to get your discount


R.I.C. Publications has a wide range of products that tie in with the Australian Curriculum, but these featured resources have been created specifically for the Australian Curriculum. We have series covering mathematics, English, history, geography and science, with more due out in the future. These resources allow teachers to easily and seamlessly integrate the strands, sub-strands, content descriptions and elaborations of the Australian Curriculum into the classroom. Each series also has links between the content and the general capabilities and cross-curricular priorities to assist teachers in tying other areas of the curriculum to the subject matter.


RIC Product Image


Complete Education Australia 


Complete Edu Squ

Embracing the fact that children blossom within a creative environment, our CEA learning style uses creative arts as a natural method used in the teaching of ALL subject areas including English, Math and Science. Complete Education Australia allows you as a parent to know, without a doubt, that you are giving your child the gift of an outstanding education.

Auscur Complete Edu

Learning is a natural and enjoyable activity rather than simply an accumulation of knowledge. CEA understand that as children grow, their love of learning and awareness of their own gifts and talents should be enhanced by the educational activities they complete.

CEA offers an educational program that fully equips parents to provide their child with an exceptional homeschool education. The CEA program fosters, builds and enhances creativity, and imagination. These are highly valued skills needed for the Future. The program can be individualised to suit your child and our students have seen a 100% success rate in registrations. The material is in PDF format and can easily be printed for home use.

The Complete Education program covers the full Australian Curriculum. We provide work samples, and Scope and Sequence documentation that fully satisfy all the requirements for homeschool registration. These Scope and Sequence documents show how we will cover all aspects of the curriculum throughout the year. We also provide an individualisation template to show you how to make any adjustments for your individual child.

HEA Members receive 5% off a 12-month CEA program.

Access this discount information through the HEA Member Shop