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Sustainable Education

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Check out Mel Cooper's wonderful "The Sustainable Living Certificate Course" !

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Ready to start living chemical-free but don’t know where to begin?

Want to know where your food comes from and what methods are used for its growth?

Want to experience the joy of seeing your children cultivate their own food?

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Sustainable Edu Subjects


Junior Landcare (not-for-profit)

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Landcare Triple

Junior Landcare provides children the opportunity to play an active role in ensuring the safe future of their environment. Activities in the Junior Landcare program helps young Australians to develop skills, share knowledge, create experiences and foster connections with place and community. Junior Landcare encourages continuous participation from childhood to adulthood so that the children of today, become the Landcarers of the future.

The new Junior Landcare Learning Centre (free) features 30-minute learning activities created by education professionals for teachers and educators, parents and carers, youth and Landcare community groups. The Learning Centre activities align to the school curriculum and focus on the key areas of biodiversity, food production, Indigenous perspectives, and waste management.


Planet Warrior: The School of Earth 

PW Education Squ



PW Homeschool Squ


Programs and resources for the curious mind.

Start exploring Earth today!

Creative and relatable content for primary school kids interested in science and conservation.

 Specific homeschooling website portal.

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  • Six-month individual subscription - $110 (normally $150)

We create colourful learning, resourcesworkshops and programs, that teach children about Earth:

  Biology
  Chemistry
  Physics
  Art
  Geology/Geography

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Minecraft Education Edition: Multi-Discipline

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HEA is now an Authorised Microsoft Partner making Minecraft Education available to homeschooling members!

Minecraft Education Edition is only $8.20 annually per HEA member student! 

Explore hundreds of lessons created by educators around the world, for students of all ages.


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MEE Windmills

Get started with Minecraft: Education Edition using these starter kits, each with lessons, downloadable worlds, and tutorials in core school subjects.

Subject Kit Lessons

Language Arts * Science * History & Culture * Math
Computer Science * Art & Design


Crackerjack Education: Stories, Skills & Knowledge of Ancient Australia 

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Weather Seasons:  Teaching With Aunty lessons for this Knowledge Area

 Crackerjack Weather

This knowledge area covers topics such as how Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people used plant, weather, sky and animal indicators to know what weather was coming.

  • The different ways Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people knew the weather was changing
  • The variety of nature signs ancient Australians used
  • Sustainability and how ancient Australians looked after their environment, plants and animals so they could survive
  • The different ways ancient Australians described the different types of weather seasons

Crackerjack Country

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Discover a whole world of online learning about Australia’s Living Landscapes, history and amazing people

All resources matched to the Australian National Curriculum or just use our site to learn more about this amazing country.

The Knowledge Circle features the eight Traditional Knowledge Areas that are essential elements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education. Each Teaching With Aunty lesson is grouped under one of these knowledge areas to help target your teaching and learning in the selected topic and subject area. The icons for each Knowledge Area appear at the top of the Teaching Notes for each Teaching With Aunty. 

*Dreaming  *Food Gathering  *Art Styles  *Weather Seasons  *Ceremonies & Dance  *Family Living   *Tools, Weapons & Utensils   *Country & Place 

A subscription to the Crackerjack website provides you with unlimited access to a huge selection of Australian based teaching resources, with lessons full of videos and songs, online activities, and Aboriginal Dreaming stories perfect for P-7 learning! 

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Country & Place: Teaching With Aunty lessons for this Knowledge Area

This knowledge area covers topics such as Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander connection to country and sea.

  • How Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people were one with their land and sea environments
  • How the different landscapes of the ancient Australians were named and the stories attached to them
  • The locations of the huge selection of cultural sites around Australia
  • The different types of cultural sites and what they were used for

Stile: Science

The Stile/CSIRO calendar runs from January to December 2020.  


For Years 7-10


COSMOS - A world class science education for every student

Stile blends interactive science lessons, science news stories and hands-on investigations to empower students to observe, think, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers.

Videos  Simulations  Interactive textbook  Workbook  Experiments  Assessments  Markbook

*Biology  *Physics  *Chemistry  *Earth & Space


$44 per student - Go to the Members' Shop to purchase.


For Years 5-6

Sample Lessons found here.

Double-Helix CSIRO Science Lessons

Helix Subjects


$16.50 per student - Go to the Members' Shop to purchase.


Ready-Ed Publications: Multi-subject lesson resource

Ready-Ed Publications

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Visit www.readyed.net

Primary school resources for all learning areas

Online resources for digital devices

Mini ebooks

FREE activity sheets

Primary School Resource Books

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Ready-Ed Publications offer Australian-made, high quality, innovative time-saving educational resources for home school educators.  Publications come in choice of e-books or hardcopy.

Earth and Space

Readyedenviro1    Readyedenviro2    Readyedenviro3 


RIC Publications


RIC Product Image

R.I.C. Publications has a wide range of products that tie in with the Australian Curriculum, but these featured resources have been created specifically for the Australian Curriculum.

We have series covering mathematics, English, history, geography and science, with more due out in the future. These resources allow teachers to easily and seamlessly integrate the strands, sub-strands, content descriptions and elaborations of the Australian Curriculum into the classroom. Each series also has links between the content and the general capabilities and cross-curricular priorities to assist teachers in tying other areas of the curriculum to the subject matter.


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