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Crackerjack Education: Stories, Skills & Knowledge of Ancient Australia

 Crackerjack Wheel

Only $11/ Family (up to 3 children)

Runs from April 2020 to April 2021

Crackerjack Squ

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Crackerjack LogoDiscover a whole world of online learning about Australia’s Living Landscapes, history and amazing people

All resources matched to the Australian National Curriculum or just use our site to learn more about this amazing country  

A subscription to the Crackerjack website provides you with unlimited access to a huge selection of Australian based teaching resources, with lessons full of videos and songs, online activities, and Aboriginal Dreaming stories perfect for P-7 learning! 

Amazing $11/Family (3 kids) subscription which runs from  April 2020 to April 2021

The Crackerjack Education website is developed by a team of Educators, ESWB  experts and designed to help bring Australian activities into your classroom.

Subscribe today to receive access to our full suite of Australian teaching and learning resources. Our subscriptions also give you the option to gain 5 hours of professional development. Sign up for a membership today!


Study Ladder: Multi-Discipline

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Maths, English, Science and more at your fingertips.


 Studyladder Images

Study Ladder


For Primary aged students - mapped to the Australian curriculum!

$88.00 - HEA Members receive 18 months for the price of 12!

Key benefits:

  • Curriculum aligned material
  • Multiple subject areas
  • Can be used on all devices
  • Can be tailored to suit individual needs
  • Huge range of support materials
  • Tracks student progress
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Highly motivating for student success

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SKWIRK: Multi-subject lesson resource 

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Skwirk covers multiple subjects from Foundation to Year 10.  Skwirk has over 18,000 educational resources across Maths, English, Science, Geography & History all in one place in an award winning media rich, cross-curricular education resource.

HEA members can register for Skwirk's Home Educator access  50% off the normal price when purchasing an annual subscription.

The discounted price is $100 and covers one to five children (normally $200).



The Inventorium - High School Curriculum Package

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Transforming your experience of learning

Hea Inventorium

A year subscription is usually $385 +GST.

Home Education Association Members get an exclusive 10% discount plus a full month completely free when purchasing an Inventorium year subscription. Details are in the  HEA High school Shop.

Trial account available.

Inventorium Info Mini Sheet


 PDF - "Tips for helping your kids with learning at home"

Jpeg - "Parents General Info Sheet Inventorium"

Revolutionary, leading edge, student centered online learning and education system.

The Inventorium is a learning system and platform that offers a curriculum for everyone in High School and beyond. We've done the heavy lifting, so that you don't have to.

Our years 10-12 curriculum focuses on developing employability while achieving High School Certificate outcomes; and our years 7-9 curriculum focuses on developing future citizenship while achieving ACARA year 7-9 outcomes. There is also a corporate version to support you after school when you enter the workplace.

Learners differ in their interests and what they actually want to learn. Some students love science but hate history, whereas others love history but hate maths. The trick is channelling that curiosity in a way that helps them learn things that will enable them to build healthy and fulfilling lives.

Few people like to sit down and work through abstract exercises, but give a student a real-life problem related to their life experiences or their aspirations and they find their motivation. Students succeed with the Inventorium because we build the curriculum around their lives.

The Inventorium online curriculum is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum, fully satisfying all of the requirements for homeschool registration.

 Inventorium Info What We Do


Minecraft Education Edition: Multi-Discipline

Minecraft Icon

HEA is now an Authorised Microsoft Partner making Minecraft Education available to homeschooling members!

Minecraft Education Edition is only $8.20 annually per HEA member student! 

Explore hundreds of lessons created by educators around the world, for students of all ages.

Minecraft Across the Australian Curriculum

MINECRAFT: *Language Arts *Science *History & Culture *Math *Computer Science *Art & Design

To purchase Minecraft through the HEA you will need to set up an HEA email address and a Microsoft O365 account - both free!

Go to the HEA Tech Shop to order - $8.20/student

Get started with Minecraft: Education Edition using these starter kits, each with lessons, downloadable worlds, and tutorials in core school subjects:

MEE BannerHi
Minecraft Education Edition is normally only available to schools


 Purple Mash: Multi-Discipline

Purple Mash With LogoEnhancing Learning through Creativity

Home Educators can now access 2Simple's programs through HEA! All inclusive:

PurpleMash weeklyactivities email.png

HEA Members get 30% OFF the usual $110 price = just $77 !

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Award winning tools for digital technologies

Embed ICT capability across your curriculum

Join our growing Purple Mash community  Facebook Icon

Whether it’s inspiring your writers, extending your coders or boosting the creativity in your children, Purple Mash has everything you need to deliver a unique blended learning experience which is simple to use and loved by all.

For Primary aged students - mapped to the Australian curriculum: from Maths and Science through to English, Design and History, using creative tools such as animation, sound and painting tools.

Supporting learning every step of the way:
• Mapped to the Australian National Curriculum and other supporting documents.
• Detailed learning guides with pre-made editable resources.
• Any device, anywhere with no need for installs or updates.

PurpleMash Aus HEA.jpg

Purple Mash includes powerful sharing and collaboration tools where children can showcase their creations and communicate in a safe online environment. Virtual email and e-safety resources support the understanding of digital citizenship and online safety. 


eTAP: Multi-Discipline

 eTAP logo blue

HEA Members receive 50% off!

14-Day Free Trial 

Family use - can access all your children to all grade levels and subjects.

Usual pricing (in U.S.$$) is:

  • $19/month
  • $99 for 6 months
  • $180 for 12 months

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 -Blaise Subbiondo, President, eTAP Inc  

"eTAP enables home instruction. The eTAP software also allows parent and teachers to monitor their students progress and provide assistance when needed."  Buy Now

Online K12 Curriculum

eTAP - Teaching Assistance Program

is a premiere site for personalized online instruction, designed specifically to maximize student learning. Our quality K-12 curriculum is clearly different from other programs and provides a comprehensive program with all subjects and grades.

Success for Every StudentBoy studying 

We provide lessons, tests,
records and standardized
test prep so you have more
time to give personalized
attention to every student.
Learn more or See the User Guide

eTAP Assessment Exams

eTAP has an Assessment Review for students to identify which lessons in red they need to study to prepare for their new grade level. To access the Assessment, select a grade level and a subject. Next, select Assessment/Review Exam located at the top of the page.

  • Quality Content aligned to national CCSS and state standards

  • Success for all learning styles active learning resources

  • User-Friendly Interface for use by all ages and levels of computer experience

  • Self-Paced Instruction where all students advance at their own speed of master

Ready-Ed Publications: Multi-subject lesson resource

Ready-Ed Publications

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Visit www.readyed.net

Primary school resources for all learning areas

Online resources for digital devices

Mini ebooks

FREE activity sheets




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Primary School Resource Books

HEA Members receive 30% off all hard and e-books!

Ready-Ed Publications offer Australian-made, high quality, innovative time-saving educational resources for home school educators.  Publications come in choice of e-books or hardcopy.

Curriculum-linked teaching resources in hard copy or printable ebook download format.


Complete Education Australia  

Complete Edu

Embracing the fact that children blossom within a creative environment, our CEA learning style uses creative arts as a natural method used in the teaching of ALL subject areas including English, Math and Science. Complete Education Australia allows you as a parent to know, without a doubt, that you are giving your child the gift of an outstanding education.

Auscur Complete Edu



Learning is a natural and enjoyable activity rather than simply an accumulation of knowledge. CEA understand that as children grow, their love of learning and awareness of their own gifts and talents should be enhanced by the educational activities they complete.

CEA offers an educational program that fully equips parents to provide their child with an exceptional homeschool education. The CEA program fosters, builds and enhances creativity, and imagination. These are highly valued skills needed for the Future. The program can be individualised to suit your child and our students have seen a 100% success rate in registrations. The material is in PDF format and can easily be printed for home use.

The Complete Education program covers the full Australian Curriculum. We provide work samples, and Scope and Sequence documentation that fully satisfy all the requirements for homeschool registration. These Scope and Sequence documents show how we will cover all aspects of the curriculum throughout the year. We also provide an individualisation template to show you how to make any adjustments for your individual child.

HEA Members receive 5% off a 12-month CEA program.

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My Online Schooling 

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 Save $200 off enrolment fee!

Myonlineschooling Photo

Online home-schooling support

My Online Schooling provides education online for young people ages 8-18.

HEA members enjoy 50% off enrolment fee = $200 Savings!

 Live, interactive lessons
 Flexible learning accessible from anywhere in the world
 Fully trained & qualified teachers 
 Small, focused classes
 A supportive pupil and parent community
 Ongoing administrative and pastoral support

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Online GCSE


GCSE Subjects Squ


HEA Members can get 10% discount per subject.

Online GCSE has award-winning online learning content available to support 16 of the most popular Cambridge IGCSE subjects.

Ensure that you are fully prepared for your exams with our library of more than 6 000 learning videos. Specifically designed to squeeze the right amount of knowledge into short 3-5 minute chunks, we give the knowledge needed for you to excel in your exams.

What makes our content unique is its individualised learning plan that we offer, which has been developed to identify each student’s unique learning gaps and then generate additional learning videos to fill these gaps. Information about each subject can be found on our subject page  https://www.onlinegcse.com/subjects 

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RIC Publications


RIC Product Image


R.I.C. Publications has a wide range of products that tie in with the Australian Curriculum, but these featured resources have been created specifically for the Australian Curriculum.

We have series covering mathematics, English, history, geography and science, with more due out in the future. These resources allow teachers to easily and seamlessly integrate the strands, sub-strands, content descriptions and elaborations of the Australian Curriculum into the classroom. Each series also has links between the content and the general capabilities and cross-curricular priorities to assist teachers in tying other areas of the curriculum to the subject matter.


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