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Designed for Years 7-10

Lessons and workbooks for the Australian high school science curriculum – chemistry, physics, biology.

Good Science – Resources for the Australian Curriculum


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Good Science

The Good Science website provides FREE high-quality online science lessons: 

Good Science Online

Economically priced science workbooks and worksheets in PDF format can be purchased.

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The workbooks consist of worksheets and activities that directly correspond with the content of the online lessons. They also contain topic outlines, learning checklists and comprehensive answers to all questions. All content is aligned to the Australian secondary science curriculum.


BioChemistry Literacy for Kids - using Molymod 

Biochemistry Literacy Logo

This unique STEM curriculum was developed by Daniel Fried, a Yale Ph.D. and chemistry professor in New Jersey. 

Biochemistry Literacy for Kids uses an online platform that allows kids from elementary to high school to master college-level chemistry and biochemistry concepts. Kid-friendly digital presentations and narrated videos are augmented by fun handheld model building activities and “molecular field trips” using a free, 3D molecular modeling software. Students literally travel into the hearts of proteins, enzymes, DNAs, and cell membranes to discover how biology works at the nanoscale. 

Curriculum Content:

The curriculum consists of 20+ units that bring students on a grand tour of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry. Students begin by investigating the periodic table’s connection to chemistry, and students then delve into the world of biomolecules. Absolutely no background knowledge in chemistry is needed for this program. This program answers so many of the questions that kids naturally have about the world, and gives them the confidence that they can learn anything. 

Molymod kid

Molymod kid #2

HEA has secured a great opportunity for Members to obtain a Molymod Custom Model Kit for Students!

The Custom Molymod Kit can be purchased directly through the HEA for $44.90 which includes postage.

To use the Kit, HEA Members can get curriculum lessons through Biochemistry Literacy for Kids at 50% off the usual $99US price = approx $73AUS

Please check out the program website, publications, and documentary videos to learn more!

Testimonial from Caroline Rayner, HEA Member:

We have a learner who is intensely curious about the world.  The K-12 curriculum doesn’t come close to answering her questions, so we were excited to sign up to Dr Fried’s Biochemistry course.  This course brings biochemistry, that is normally reserved for university students, to the primary student in an accessible way.  The Molymod kit enables her to build molecules and examine them and the free PyMol 3D modelling software means she can view complex molecules from all angles.  Because we are able to do the lessons at our own pace sometimes we race through them and other times we take a lot of ’think time’.  Being able to control the pace of our learning is very important to us.  My daughter finds the course to be immensely challenging and satisfying.  It’s also great value for what you receive.  We highly recommend the course to any curious learner, of any age, who wants to go beyond the textbooks.

Summary: There are two components to purchase:

  1. Molymod Custom Student Kit = $44.90 (through HEA and includes postage)
  2. Curriclum subscription with Biochemistry Literacy for Kids purchased directly through their website using the HEA Member Discount Code to get 50% off.

Total price for both components: under $120 AUD

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Science that's online and hands-on.

Helping teachers and parents engage students with hands-on science.

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Experimentary Logo

What is Experimentary?

Experimentary is a new way to help connect kids with science.

Hosted by TV presenter and former CSIRO scientist Dr Rob Bell, Experimentary is the perfect platform to help teachers and parents plan and illustrate science principles in a fun and engaging way.  Experimentary makes it easier than ever to get students doing experiments, so they learn not just the science context, but also how to do science.

Key benefits:

  • Aligned to the Australian curriculum,
  • Experiments for all levels from prep to year 8,
  • Covers a range of scientific principles including in biology, chemistry and physics,
  • Easy to follow, engaging how-to videos led by Dr Rob Bell,
  • Digital lab book for students to record results and findings,
  • New experiments added regularly,
  • Affordable subscription fees (with a 30% discount for HEA members).


Ready-Ed Publications: Multi-subject lesson resource

Ready-Ed Publications

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Primary school resources for all learning areas

Online resources for digital devices

Mini ebooks

FREE activity sheets

Primary School Resource Books

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Ready-Ed Publications offer Australian-made, high quality, innovative time-saving educational resources for home school educators.  Publications come in choice of e-books or hardcopy.

Science and STEM Learning Area Workbooks:

Readyed1    Readyed2    Readyed3

Stile: Science

The Stile/CSIRO calendar runs from January to December 2020.  


For Years 7-10


COSMOS - A world class science education for every student

Stile blends interactive science lessons, science news stories and hands-on investigations to empower students to observe, think, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers.

Videos  Simulations  Interactive textbook  Workbook  Experiments  Assessments  Markbook

*Biology  *Physics  *Chemistry  *Earth & Space  

$44 per student - Go to the Members' Shop to purchase.


For Years 5-6

Sample Lessons found here.

Double-Helix CSIRO Science Lessons

Helix Subjects


$16.50 per student - Go to the Members' Shop to purchase.


Planet Warrior: The School of Earth 

PW Education Squ

PW Homeschool Squ


Programs and resources for the curious mind.

Start exploring Earth today!

Creative and relatable content for primary school kids interested in science and conservation.

 Specific homeschooling website portal.

  • Save $40 as an HEA Member!
  • Six-month family subscription - $110 (normally $150)

We create colourful learning, resourcesworkshops and programs, that teach children about Earth:

  Biology
  Chemistry
  Physics
  Art
  Geology/Geography

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Study Ladder: Multi-Discipline

Studyladder Logo

SL Science

Study Ladder

For Primary aged students - mapped to the Australian curriculum!

$88.00 - HEA Members receive 18 months for the price of 12!


Maths, English, Science, Art and more at your fingertips.

Key benefits:

  • Curriculum aligned material
  • Multiple subject areas
  • Can be used on all devices
  • Can be tailored to suit individual needs
  • Huge range of support materials
  • Tracks student progress
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Highly motivating for student success

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Minecraft Education Edition: Multi-Discipline

Minecraft Icon

HEA is now an Authorised Microsoft Partner making Minecraft Education available to homeschooling members!

Minecraft Education Edition is only $8.20 annually per HEA member student! 

Explore hundreds of lessons created by educators around the world, for students of all ages.


To purchase Minecraft through the HEA you will need to set up an HEA email address and a Microsoft O365 account - both free!

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Minecraft Science Pic

Get started with Minecraft: Education Edition using these starter kits, each with lessons, downloadable worlds, and tutorials in core school subjects.

Subject Kit Lessons

Language Arts * Science * History & Culture * Math
Computer Science * Art & Design


Skwirk: Multi-Discipline

Skwirk (1)

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Skwirk covers multiple subjects from Foundation to Year 10.  Skwirk has over 18,000 educational resources across Maths, English, Science, Geography & History all in one place in an award winning media rich, cross-curricular education resource.

HEA members can register for Skwirk's Home Educator access  50% off the normal price when purchasing an annual subscription.

The discounted price is $100 and covers one to five children (normally $200).



Crackerjack Education: Stories, Skills & Knowledge of Ancient Australia 

 Crackerjack Wheel

Normally $59 but for HEA members: only $11

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FOOD GATHERING:  Teaching With Aunty lessons for this Knowledge Area

 Crackerjack Food Pic

This knowledge area covers topics such as Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander knowledge of medicinal plants, and how plants and animals were utilised for tools, shelter and food.

  • The skills that made ancient Australians expert trackers
  • The plant and animal signs that told ancient Australians the weather and when to hunt for certain animals
  • How ancient Australians utilised native animals
  • How ancient Australians hunted
  • The cooking methods and food of ancient Australians

Crackerjack Banner

Discover a whole world of online learning about Australia’s Living Landscapes, history and amazing people

All resources matched to the Australian National Curriculum or just use our site to learn more about this amazing country.

The Knowledge Circle features the eight Traditional Knowledge Areas that are essential elements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education. Each Teaching With Aunty lesson is grouped under one of these knowledge areas to help target your teaching and learning in the selected topic and subject area. The icons for each Knowledge Area appear at the top of the Teaching Notes for each Teaching With Aunty. 

*Dreaming  *Food Gathering  *Art Styles  *Weather Seasons  *Ceremonies & Dance  *Family Living   *Tools, Weapons & Utensils   *Country & Place 

A subscription to the Crackerjack website provides you with unlimited access to a huge selection of Australian based teaching resources, with lessons full of videos and songs, online activities, and Aboriginal Dreaming stories perfect for P-7 learning! 

Amazing $11/Family (3 kids) subscription which runs from        April 2020 to April 2021

Subscribe today to receive access to our full suite of Australian teaching and learning resources. Our subscriptions also give you the option to gain 5 hours of professional development. Sign up for a membership today!


 Online GCSE


GCSE Subjects Squ


HEA Members can get 10% discount per subject.

Online GCSE has award-winning online learning content available to support 16 of the most popular Cambridge IGCSE subjects.

Ensure that you are fully prepared for your exams with our library of more than 6 000 learning videos. Specifically designed to squeeze the right amount of knowledge into short 3-5 minute chunks, we give the knowledge needed for you to excel in your exams.

What makes our content unique is its individualised learning plan that we offer, which has been developed to identify each student’s unique learning gaps and then generate additional learning videos to fill these gaps.

Information about each subject can be found on our subject page 

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My Online Schooling

My Online Schooling Banner


 Save $200 off enrolment fee!

Myonlineschooling Photo

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with the friendly Perth-based team

  Online home-schooling support

 My Online Schooling provides education online for  young people ages 8-18.

  Live, interactive lessons
  Flexible learning accessible from anywhere in the world
  Fully trained & qualified teachers 
  Small, focused classes
  A supportive pupil and parent community
  Ongoing administrative and pastoral support

HEA members enjoy 50% off enrolment fee = $200 Savings! 

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Request a Free Taster Lesson - As it sounds a taster lesson offers a taste of life with My Online Schooling. For an insight into how their classes operate, request a taster lesson here.