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Designed for Years 7-10

Lessons and workbooks for the Australian high school science curriculum – chemistry, physics, biology.

Good Science – Resources for the Australian Curriculum


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Good Science

The Good Science website provides FREE high-quality online science lessons: 

Good Science Online

Economically priced science workbooks and worksheets in PDF format can be purchased.

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The workbooks consist of worksheets and activities that directly correspond with the content of the online lessons. They also contain topic outlines, learning checklists and comprehensive answers to all questions. All content is aligned to the Australian secondary science curriculum.


BioChemistry Literacy for Kids - using Molymod 

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This unique STEM curriculum was developed by Daniel Fried, a Yale Ph.D. and chemistry professor in New Jersey. 

Biochemistry Literacy for Kids uses an online platform that allows kids from elementary to high school to master college-level chemistry and biochemistry concepts. Kid-friendly digital presentations and narrated videos are augmented by fun handheld model building activities and “molecular field trips” using a free, 3D molecular modeling software. Students literally travel into the hearts of proteins, enzymes, DNAs, and cell membranes to discover how biology works at the nanoscale. 

Curriculum Content:

The curriculum consists of 20+ units that bring students on a grand tour of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry. Students begin by investigating the periodic table’s connection to chemistry, and students then delve into the world of biomolecules. Absolutely no background knowledge in chemistry is needed for this program. This program answers so many of the questions that kids naturally have about the world, and gives them the confidence that they can learn anything. 

Molymod kid

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HEA has secured a great opportunity for Members to obtain a Molymod Custom Model Kit for Students!

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To use the Kit, HEA Members can get curriculum lessons through Biochemistry Literacy for Kids at 50% off the usual $99US price = approx $73AUS

Please check out the program website, publications, and documentary videos to learn more!

Testimonial from Caroline Rayner, HEA Member:

We have a learner who is intensely curious about the world.  The K-12 curriculum doesn’t come close to answering her questions, so we were excited to sign up to Dr Fried’s Biochemistry course.  This course brings biochemistry, that is normally reserved for university students, to the primary student in an accessible way.  The Molymod kit enables her to build molecules and examine them and the free PyMol 3D modelling software means she can view complex molecules from all angles.  Because we are able to do the lessons at our own pace sometimes we race through them and other times we take a lot of ’think time’.  Being able to control the pace of our learning is very important to us.  My daughter finds the course to be immensely challenging and satisfying.  It’s also great value for what you receive.  We highly recommend the course to any curious learner, of any age, who wants to go beyond the textbooks.

Summary: There are two components to purchase:

  1. Molymod Custom Student Kit = $44.90 (through HEA and includes postage)
  2. Curriclum subscription with Biochemistry Literacy for Kids purchased directly through their website using the HEA Member Discount Code to get 50% off.

Total price for both components: under $120 AUD

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