Where to start?

People home educate for many different reasons. And sometimes the reasons change or develop over time. However, it is a good idea to be able to identify your own personal reasons for homeschooling. Being able to articulate what motivates you will help you determine your choices and pathways along the journey.


Read widely about different homeschooling styles.  Note the word "styles", not curriculum. Here is a short list to get you started reading:

Charlotte Mason   Distance Education   Eclectic   Montessori   Natural Learning   

Religion based   School at home   Steiner / Waldorf

Meet and network with other homeschooling families. Ask them questions. Observe. Enjoy.

There are many groups on Facebook. Use that as a place to ask questions and get connected. It will take a little time to find people in your local area, but we can assure you they are there!  Email into HEA and we can try and help find people in your vicinity. contact@hea.edu.au

Contact us! Ring our Helpline 1300 72 99 91   or  email our Support Team - support@hea.edu.au 

Consider taking out a membership with the HEA. For only $60/year you can get access to Online Educational subscriptions at a Discount. Plus members get free Story Book Library and Drama Online (National Theatre). Some of our exclusive discounts include Grammar in a Nutshell for only $7.70 per family, and Wingaru For Kids for only $50!

Browse through our Free Resources page to help you start with some basics. We are also at the beginnings of our launch of the HEA Lesson Plan Library - through Google Classroom.

Take time to work out the learning styles of each of your children.  Don't rush out and buy an expensive full curriculum package right away, as it may not necessarily suit your child's learning style - or may not suit all of your children. What works with one, may not work for a sibling. Many homeschooling families, and perhaps even most in Australia, don't buy packaged curriculum but tend to piece together their own curriculum based on the parent's teaching style, the children's learning styles and readiness, and the lifestyle they are aiming to achieve (remember to go back to your REASONS for homeschooling in the first place!).

Don’t worry about socialisation. You may find one of the "top" queries you receive from friends and family is "what about socialisation?".  Home education is on the rise in Australia and there are many groups and activities being run, so much so that you may find you will need to say no to some things!

Be prepared to make some sacrifices and adjustments. Home educating has great rewards for the individual student and also for the family collectively. But it does take committment for it to work, especially in the early days and in particular if the children have been removed from school. Give some time to "de-school". Play games, cook, exercise, read, read, read, and go to art galleries and museums. Establish good habits, routines and close family relationships. Structured (or unstructured) learning and acadmics will fall into place as you find your routine as a family.

Home education is a lifestyle, a very fulfilling and amazing one!

You are about to begin an adventure of a lifetime!