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Free Online STEM workshops

Praxical has created a series of FREE, ONLINE WORKSHOPS where your students use Project-Based Learning (PBL) to explore real research, analysing their own data and making their own scientific conclusions.

Praxical workshops are designed to be fully self-led and are compartmentalised into 4 stand-alone modules, which can be set as independent learning tasks or explored in a class setting.

The workshops provide clear, scaffolded instructions (ranging from simple objectives to step-by-step videos), allowing the workshops to be differentiated and adapted for every learner. Our workshops are NSW syllabus-directed (Stage 5), however our scaffolded format ensures the workshops are accessible for students in grades 5 to 10.

Check out our free workshops at

What can air pollution data tell us about the world around us? This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore 30 years of ANSTO fine particle pollution data, to find trends and links to real world events. Follow the data to see how local pollution can have a global impact!

What do scientists look for when trying to find other planets suitable for life? In this workshop, learn what makes a planet habitable by using a JPL planet simulator to explore how planet and star characteristics affect planetary conditions. Use the same data scientists use to study planets in other solar systems, to learn how they search for potential habitable worlds!

How do ecologists decide what bushland to protect? In this workshop, use the tools ecologists use to model the different factors involved in choosing the best habitat for species conservation. Focusing on the endangered Regent Honeyeater, this workshop will let you explore an online mapping tool used by ecologists to understand ecosystems.

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