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Thanking our

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SolarBuddy and

Home Education Association

Day of Action Campaign

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SolarBuddy and HEA will partner together to educate and empower young philanthropists in sustainable technologies and to make a positive impact on the beautiful planet we live in.


The campaign will involve HEA members fundraising to purchase SolarBuddy lights which will be assembled by HEA students. The assembled solar lights will then be donated to children living in energy poverty, in a country that SolarBuddy works in, chosen by the HEA.

SolarBuddy FAQs

For Home Educating Families


Solar Buddy is an exciting project with a huge impact! HEA has partnered with Solar Buddy to make this accessible to home educated students for the first time.  


Each kit contains one light, designed to be assembled by one student. Each student is asked to build a light, and write a letter to the child who will receive the light. There are loads of learning resources that you can use in your homeschool as part of this project. 


What’s the timeframe? 


Now! November 2020

Sign up to participate or be a local organiser, and fundraising! 

Start incorporating some of the lessons into your homeschool. 

  • Early December - HEA will submit order for lights to be delivered to each local organiser

  • Mid-January 2021 - Kits delivered to local organisers

  • Mid-January to Mid-February 2021 - Students build kits & write letters. This would make a fantastic "not-back-to-school" event for homeschool groups! Consider inviting the local media, and/or taking photos to share your experience. 


What does a local organiser do?


We need members to step up and become a local organiser for their own area.

  1. Contact Mik to let us know that you are organising a group and which area you are in. 

  2. Download the sign-up form & promote in your local community

  3. Get home educators to sign up on your form - all home educators welcome, they don’t have to be HEA members! Kits come in batches of 25, so we need to get 25 students signed up!

  4. Send your completed form back to the HEA by November 20, along with your address for delivery of the kits.

  5. Remind people in your group to pay for their kits through our GoFundMe page

  6. Once your kits have arrived (mid-January 2021), either distribute them to those who signed up, or hold an event to build them together in a group. 

  7. Have the kits returned to you after they are built, and follow the instructions below to get the lights back to Solar Buddy


There are not 25 home educated students in my area - how can we be involved

If you are not in contact with your local home-ed community, contact us and we will try to link you with a group. There might be a group already happening near you. 


If you live in a geographically isolated area, you can sign up to the isolated students group run by Larissa (who lives on an island!). We will get a kit in the mail to you, and you can return it by mail. The HEA is inclusive on purpose - so we’re going to pay the extra postage costs to make sure everyone can join in.


How do I get the lights back to SolarBuddy?

When you have finished assembling the lights, please pack them back up and fill in the returns form which can be found online:


The SolarBuddy team will then send through postal labels for you to attach to the bucket and a courier will collect them on a designated day.

We guarantee the lights you build and the letters you write will be in the hands of children in need in a maximum of 3 months from when we collect them from you.


What’s the cost? Any minimum order quantity?

SolarBuddy solar lights which are part of our Education Program cost $32.50 per unit and there is a minimum order quantity of 25 lights.

All orders need to be placed in increments of 25.