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Hea PicThe HEA is an incorporated association that supports and provides services for Australian home educators. The HEA is run by a committee ofhome educators that voluntarily come together to provide direction for the association. 

Online Survey now open for Consultation regarding BOSTES

*The survey includes specific homeschooling/registration questions* (select 'Parent')

The NSW Minister for Education has commissioned a review of BOSTES to ensure its current role, membership functions and structure continue to best serve the community of NSW into the future by setting high and consistent education standards, building the best quality teaching and associated workforce and improving outcomes for all students. (more info: http://bostesreview.nsw.edu.au/)

FEEDBACK FORM - Complaints, issues, feedback regarding registration, BOSTES, Government Agents or any other individual or issue relating to home education in Australia.  Download Here.

HEA has no affiliation with state education authorities and privacy is a HEA priority.  To find out more, go to The HEA tab.

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