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Home education is an option for the education of children and is legally endorsed by the governments in all states of Australia. It involves the parents taking responsibility to guide their children through a course of study at home. This is being achieved with great success by parents from a variety of backgrounds and educational levels, and without special training.

The HEA is non-profit volunteer association that was formed in April 2001 by Colleen Strange and Philip Strange. HEA aims to encourage and promote the practice of home educating in Australia and to provide members with benefits which would be difficult to obtain by individuals or smaller groups.

Becoming a member of the association is one way in which you can support this Australia-wide initiative to promote the practice of home education and gain access to many benefits that might otherwise be unobtainable.

In our site you’ll find an array of articles and information to help you with your home education journey. You'll find items that can be downloaded, things you can purchase, news about events in the home education arena and many other things to support you on your home education journey.

If you are interested in finding out more about HEA or home educating your child then you may like to browse our site for more information or contact us by email or phone.

Please note, some pages on this website are only accessible to HEA members.


Surveys For Home School Graduates and Their Parents: Calling all homeschool graduates and their parents! You may be aware that the NSW Parliament is currently asking for submissions to an Inquiry regarding Home Schooling. The HEA would greatly appreciate your assistance in answering the following Term of Reference: (b)(i) outcomes of home schooling including in relation to transition to further study and work. Surveys must be returned by Sunday 9th July (one week). The questionnaire can be answered by former homeschoolers or their parents. Please use a separate survey for each homeschooled person. Please do not hesitate to forward the survey to as many contacts as you can. Former homeschoolers are often not members of the HEA anymore And also consider lodging your own submission. There are many misconceptions of home schooling. Your story could help to change that. http://bit.ly/TlQlnP Graduates survey

 HEA invites you to attend a meeting about the inquiry and petition. 

When:  Tuesday 8th July
Where: Melrose Hall, Emu Plains
Time:   10am-2pm Light lunch provided
Bring:   laptop/paper for note taking and maybe to get started on your personal submission
RSVP:  by Friday 4th July to personal.sharonmoulang@gmail.com  TOMORROW!!

There's a home education inquiry happening AND a petition about home education being discussed in parliament! Yay!!! Have you thought about the importance of your personal input? What does it really mean? Does it affect me, really? Is it likely to backfire? Why is this year the most significant year for home educators in NSW, ever???? Should I write a submission to the inquiry, and how can I? What’s going to happen on the day the petition is discussed? What is the HEA doing and how can I help? Well, if any of these questions are yours - this is your opportunity!!You are invited! And it’s just another good opportunity for getting together with other home educating families!

Hear Our Voices: HOVA Help Homeschoolers Get Their Message to Parliament

 For homeschoolers who have chosen not to register under the current NSW system, and who prefer to make submissions anonymously, a team of Australian homeschoolers has formed HEAR OUR VOICES, AUSTRALIA (HOVA). HOVA will provide a way for unregistered or registered homeschoolers anywhere in Australia to have their stories and viewpoints put before the Inquiry anonymously. As State governments look to each other's regulations to inform their own policymaking, HOVA believe a national focus for responses to the Inquiry is important.

You DO NOT have to provide your name, address or any other identifying details to HOVA in your submission, only the STATE in which you live. Anyone under 18 making a submission, please indicate so in your submission.

HOVA will be making a submission for a freeing up of the current onerous registration requirements in NSW. If you would like your voice in support of less onerous regulation of homeschoolers to be heard, please make a submission either to the Inquiry directly or through HOVA.

All individual submissions accepted will be included in HOVA's submission as case studies, uncensored and in their entirety, so please remove any identifying details which you do not wish to be included in your submission.

 Submissions can be very brief or detailed, but it is useful to consider the Inquiry's Terms of Reference in your submission. Please see this link for details:  http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/homeschooling

Email submissions to HOVA by TUESDAY 5TH AUGUST 2014 at: hovasubmissions@hotmail.com For further information please visit the HOVA site on:www.facebook.com/hovasubmissions Please note, submissions which include a name and contact details may be made directly to the Inquiry. For info see: http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/homeschooling


NSW LOBBYING UPDATE 16th June 2014: : Petition is in! And inquiry into homeschooling has been commissioned. Please download the following documents for full information.

 UPDATE 21st May 2014: Summary of issues and statistics to take to your MP

UPDATE: 18th May 2014   Questions have been presented by 3 ministers to parliament at question time over a range of issues. Hansard excerpts here:


More documents can be found on this page