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2013 April
Congratulations and thanks to our newly elected HEA Committee Members! Go to the About tab to view names & roles.  

And special heartfelt gratitude for their many years of service to the HEA, but who are now going to take a break from official roles: Guy Tebbutt, Ingrid McCarthy, Bilyana Bawden, Beverley Paine and Colin Devine.  You are been of the highest value to the running of the HEA and in supporting home educators nationwide. Thanks to each one of you!


Home education is an option for the education of children and is legally endorsed by the governments in all states of Australia. It involves the parents taking responsibility to guide their children through a course of study at home. This is being achieved with great success by parents from a variety of backgrounds and educational levels, and without special training.

The HEA is non-profit volunteer association that was formed in April 2001 by Colleen Strange and Philip Strange. HEA aims to encourage and promote the practice of home educating in Australia and to provide members with benefits which would be difficult to obtain by individuals or smaller groups.

Becoming a member of the association is one way in which you can support this Australia-wide initiative to promote the practice of home education and gain access to many benefits that might otherwise be unobtainable.

In our site you’ll find an array of articles and information to help you with your home education journey. You'll find items that can be downloaded, things you can purchase, news about events in the home education arena and many other things to support you on your home education journey.

If you are interested in finding out more about HEA or home educating your child then you may like to browse our site for more information or contact us by email or phone.

Please note, some pages on this website are only accessible to HEA members.

NSW LOBBYING UPDATE: Due to recent difficulties following changes in the NSW Home Schooling registration process, the HEA is currently circulating a petition to the NSW Legislative Assembly seeking to address issues of concern.

PETITION: 10 000 signatures are needed by mid-February 2014, and we are nearly there. Can you please DOWNLOAD PETITION FROM HERE, print it off and collect as many signatures as you can and send them in - anyone in Australia can help.


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