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Australian Capital Territory

In the Australian Capital Territory all home educated children must be registered with the ACT Education Directorate (the Directorate) in accordance with the Education Act 2004

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

The HEA is pleased to announce that home educators' voices have been heard and the new amendments that passed in late November 2019 means that the ACT is now leading the way with one of the more enlightened and sensible registration systems, balancing the safety of children and the right to an individual education.

The ACT HEA members would particularly like to thank former HEA President Vivienne Fox and former Advocacy Subcommittee members Karleen Gribble and Lynda Carlos for generously sharing their experience and expertise over two years of tireless work and support in our efforts to protect home educators’ rights in ACT. This process has demonstrated the importance of having an experienced national body such as the HEA which advocates to protect the rights of all home educators.

You can read more about the Legislative Amendments  HERE

  • Removal of provisional registration

  • Creating a three month grace period for an education plan to be produced by new home educators

  • Adding a condition that the child live, or usually live, in the ACT

  • Adding a condition that the home base is suitable for education

  • Adding a condition that the education progress report is provided once every year and as part of a renewal application

  • The Director-General has 28 days to notify parents of the decision to register

  • The Director-General must, rather than may, register if the conditions are met

  • An explicit statement that applying for home education is a reasonable excuse from compulsory school attendance

  • Parents to notify of changes to register information within 28 days

  • Insert specific guideline and regulation making powers

  • Consequential amendments to regulation

Home Education Amendments November 2019

The government debated and passed amendments to home education in the November 2019 sittings.

The changes passed in the Legislative Assembly to home education are:

Home education in the ACT is supported by the ACT Education Directorate and through a number of community groups, including the HEA as listed on the Department's website.

The HEA Registration Support Team is available to help answer questions you may have in regards to state registration, or offer support if you need. Email


While we hope you will consider membership with us, the HEA supports Australian home educators regardless of membership


The HEA also has a phone Helpline with experienced home educators who can assist you with any general home education questions you may have, particularly 'how to get started'. 1300 72 99 91

ACT Home Education Requirements

In the Australian Capital Territory all home educated children must be registered with the ACT Education Directorate (the Directorate) in accordance with the Education Act 2004  (the Act).


Under the Education Act 2004  the parent(s) of a child registered for home education must:

  • provide a high-quality education for the child;

  • document the educational opportunities offered to the child;

  • document the strategies used to help the child to learn;

  • make available for inspection home education programs, materials or other records;

  • conduct the home education from the home base listed on the registration certificate;

  • apply in writing for registration before provisional registration ends;

  • apply in writing for registration renewal at least the prescribed period (3 months) before registration ends; and

  • give a report about the educational progress of the child once every year (Progress Report).

Registration Overview

Notify the ACT Education Directorate within 14 days of un-enrolling the child from a school. 


Registration must be granted within 28 days of receipt of an application meeting basic criteria.


A plan must be developed and provided within 3 months of registration. 


You can combine part-time home education and school. 


There is an interview at the Directorate office and annual progress reporting. HEA can connect you with a volunteer to help you with the process.

ACT Education Directorate

Assistant Manager Home Education

Ph: (02) 6205 9299

To speak with a Home Education Liaison Officer Phone: +61 2 6205 5429

To request a home education registration application form: Education Directorate Contact Form

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