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In Queensland, registration for home education is a legal option for the provision of your child's education. Home education in Queensland is regulated by the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.

Home education means the education of the child provided by one or both of the child’s parents, or a registered teacher, primarily at the child’s usual place of residence.

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In Queensland, registration for home education is a legally recognised alternative to enrolling your child in school.

Registration is a legal requirement for home educated children over the age of 6.5, but optional registration is available in line with eligibility to attend mainstream school, from the beginning of the year in which the child turns 5.5 by 31 December that year.


Once registered, you become legally responsible for providing your child with a high-quality education. In Queensland, parents have the choice to delegate this responsibility to a registered QLD teacher, or to provide the education themselves. 


“Provide” does not mean “teach”

Home education in Queensland is regulated by The Home Education Unit (HEU) under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 .

The Queenland Home Education Unit assists parents to understand their obligations in meeting the standard conditions of registration and oversees the home education registration and reporting process.

As at 31 August 2020, there were 4297 students registered for Home Education in Queensland. This represents a 26.6% increase from the previous year, and an 86.6% increase over the 5 year period 2016-2020. Over the same period, population growth was 1.66% or less each year. 

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Source: Home Education Registrations, QLD Government