What is an Association - and Why Join the HEA?

A membership association is an organisation that allows people to subscribe and join so they can collectively advocate for a specific, shared purpose.  Associations provide members with benefits and give opportunities to engage with one another in respect to their shared interests,  challenges, common purpose and exist for mutual enrichment and advancement.

The HEA is Australia's peak-body homeschooling association,

advocating for home education rights in all States & Territories.


We uphold the principle that parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children and respects the diversity of philosophies and methods used by home educators.

The mission of the HEA is to promote and support the practice of home education across Australia and to advance educational equity for members.​​

The HEA is fully volunteer run and is a not-for-profit organisation.



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Q: What are my membership fees used for?

A: Collective & Individual support, advocacy and benefits:

Phone & Email Support

1300 72 99 91


  • Phone Helpline - 1300 72 99 91 and speak to an experienced home educator.

  • Registration Help - personal, individual support for members.

  • Advocacy work - securing national and state rights for home educators.

Registration Support

The HEA is committed to helping all home educators through our advocacy work with State departments.

  • Members gain access to extra, individual support when registering with your State's education department. Our State volunteers can help answer your questions and guide you through the registration process.

Free online Subscriptions

The HEA purchases educational

subscriptions exclusively for members.

Current included subscriptions:

Networking Forums

Connect with others that have similar interests

or questions.

Current forums - keen to start more though!

  • State Forums: NSW, WA, QLD

  • Minecraft Education - play together!

Conferences & Expos

  • The HEA team seek experts and experienced home educators to deliver Keynote addresses and lead talks.

  • Next online National Conference, 16-18 Sept 2022  Only $29 members!

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