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What is an Association - and why join the HEA?

A membership association is an organisation that allows people to subscribe and join so they can collectively advocate for a specific, shared purpose.   

Members make up a group of people which makes up a body, an organisation, our organisation, The Home Education Association. Every person who joins this organisation isn’t just here to get free stuff (that’s definitely a perk!) but helps make this body more significant and the bigger we are the better!

As a significant body, an organization, and a group of members, we have a voice and advocate for Home-Schooling rights across our nation. As an individual this is difficult, as an incorporated organisation, this is not only possible but part of the work we now do.

Membership fees go towards the many expenses that we incur as an organisation. Insurances, subscription and resource purchases, website costs, and telephone helpline costs, just to name a few.  Financial information is in our Committee Report for every month.

So as a member, you get the benefit of being a link in the huge network that we are. Your one membership along with the hundreds of others that make up our orgnaisation gives us the ability to perform the tasks we need to for advocacy and support of our home-schooling communities.

The HEA is Australia's peak-body homeschooling association,

advocating for home education rights in all States & Territories.


We uphold the principle that parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children and respects the diversity of philosophies and methods used by home educators.

The mission of the HEA is to promote and support the practice of home education across Australia and to advance educational equity for members.​​

The HEA is fully volunteer run and is a not-for-profit organisation.



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Phone & Email Support

1300 72 99 91

  • Phone Helpline - 1300 72 99 91 and speak to an experienced home educator.

  • Registration Help - personal, individual support for members.

  • Advocacy work - securing national and state rights for home educators.

Registration Support

The HEA is committed to helping all home educators through our advocacy work with State departments.

  • Members gain access to extra, individual support when registering with your State's education department. Our State volunteers can help answer your questions and guide you through the registration process.

Free online Subscriptions

The HEA purchases educational

subscriptions exclusively for members.

Current included subscriptions:

Networking Forums

Connect with others that have similar interests

or questions.

Current forums - keen to start more though!

  • State Forums: NSW, WA, QLD

  • Minecraft Education - play together!

Conferences & Expos

  • The HEA team seek experts and experienced home educators to deliver Keynote addresses and lead talks.

  • Next online National Conference, 16-18 Sept 2022  Only $29 members!

Student ID Cards

Free for members - Photo, DOB,

Home Educated Student

  • HEA Members can order photo student ID cards as part of their membership.

    While not official public transportation cards, they serve as a basic photo ID.


  • Public Liability so you can run events.

  • Work Experience insurance for your teens.

  • Volunteer Accident cover.

Social Networks

Run by our Volunteers

  • Facebook Community - "Home Education Australia Community"

  • Instagram, Pinterest

  • Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn

Webinars on Demand

  • Live attendance and/or Recordings

  • Members access these for free

  • Podcasts coming in 2022.

  • And check our our YouTube page!

Free for Members.

$15 on average for non-members.

Free Microsoft 365 Education

  • Create inspiring documents with smart assistance features in Word, Excel & PowerPoint​

  • Save up to 500,000 photos* & files with 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage

Discounted Subscriptions

  • The HEA works hard to ensure that your home educated children have access to the same quality educational materials as their traditionally-schooled peers  - and at a good price for you!

Free email account

  • Sign up for your free HEA email account!

  • Loads of benefits associated with an edu email address

Articles, Blogs, News and Research

  • Regular Newsletters

  • Articles, blogs & news

  • You can contribute too!

  • Research publications

Volunteering Opportunities

  • We will train you!

  • We are fun to work with!

  • We  can offer you professional development training opportunities!

  • Great for your resume!

Grants & Public Fund

  • Grants for your local home education network

  • Individual membership grants for the financially stressed

  • Public Fund - Charity to help home educating families.

  • Charity online Bookstall

Media Interview / Research

  • Articles, blogs and Newsletters for members

  • You can contribute too!

  • Webinars and Podcasts

  • Research publications

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