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Thank you for helping each other.

Together, we are supporting home educators across Australia.

Do you want to give back to your community? Or, would like to help other home-schoolers on their home-school journey? The HEA is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation and here, you can do both by volunteering with us. 

If you can offer your time, knowledge, skills or all of these things combined, we'd love to hear from you. 

Find out more by contacting us: 

We need volunteers to allow the HEA to continue to assist Australian Home Educators with the home education journey. The HEA provides many wonderful services for home educators and we'd love your help.

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Will you consider volunteering for 2023? 

 Contact us today and have a chat about what is involved.

Volunteer jobs available!

With the influx of new members and the growth of our Association, we need to grow our volunteer workforce. Many of our volunteer positions would suite either home educating parents or young people.


Why volunteer? 

  • Join a growing & vibrant community of passionate home educators

  • Intrinsic rewards, such as the joy of serving your community

  • Equip the next generation of home educators

  • Develop new skills

  • Opportunities to attend fully funded training in various areas

  • Free months of HEA membership for time served

  • Written & verbal references provided for team members on request 

Positions available: 

Comms Team:

  • Website Team: Duties include website maintenance and creation of new pages for our website. Some skills in graphic design are needed for this; training is available for the wix website interface. Time commitment: 2+ hours per week

  • Podcast Team: This team is currently forming, and will be producing regular podcasts in 2023. Opportunities include all aspects of production -  recording, interviewing, speaking, planning content and coordinating guest speakers, editing recordings and uploading to hosting platforms. No experience necessary - just enthusiasm and a willingness to join the team. Time commitment: flexible

  • Socials: Would you like to assist with posting our content to one or more of  our social platforms? Would you like to create content for the socials? We need a Meme Team to create memes. There are many possibilities in this space, which as much or as little time commitment as suites you. 

  • Content Creation: Calling all writers! We need people to write home education blogs, book reviews, resource reviews, feel good stories, poems, reports, research....if you are a writer we need you. 

  • Graphic Design: The graphic design team creates our advertising campaigns, vendor ads, webpage design, blog design, flyers for print, graphics for newsletters. You will have some skill in this area already, we can provide you with access to resources such as Adobe Creative Cloud. Time commitment is flexible. 

Member Support: Duties include assisting the secretary with membership enquiries and member engagement activities. You need to be computer literate but no experience necessary and training in our systems is available. 

Charity Team: Duties: developing, coordinating and facilitating fund raising events. Funds raised go into our public fund, which is available to support home educating families in times of need. 

State based teams: We need people from every State and Territory to join our State based teams. Our state based teams provide two services - support and advocacy. Team members may serve in one or both areas.  Support team members provide support to home educators in your state who are getting started in home education or negotiating the registration processes. Advocacy team members participate in meetings with policy makers and regulators, advocating for the rights of all home educators. This position is suitable for experienced home educators. No experience is necessary, and mentoring will be provided. 

Helpline: The HEA provides a free helpline telephone service to the general public. This team is often the first point of contact for home educators with our Association. Team members answer phone calls on rostered shifts of 4 hours per week. This team is suitable for experienced home educators. 

Subscriptions Team: Subs team members manage a portfolio of subscriptions, facilitating access to education programs for HEA members. No experience is needed and full training is given. Time commitment varies depending on the subscriptions you manage. 

Advertising & Sales: If you enjoy meeting new people and exploring new resources then this might be the position for you. Sales involves emailing and meeting with potential new vendors. Advertising involves adding the vendors ads to our platforms, including website and socials. Advertising may also involve graphic design elements, and creating reports about interactions generated to provide feedback to the committee and our partners. Time commitment is flexible. 

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