Celebrating our Volunteers!

Together, supporting home educators across Australia.

The HEA is a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation - so help is needed!

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We need volunteers to allow the HEA to continue to assist Australian Home Educators with the home education journey. The HEA provides many wonderful services for home educators and we'd love your help.

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Some areas we need help with:

  • Phone Support - This involves volunteering to answer the Helpline phone and give support to those that ring in and/or direct them to another level of support.

  • Publications - Helping with design, editing, layout and printing of HEA publications such as the newsletter.

  • Subscriptions - Acquiring, negotiating and organising group discount subscriptions for home education related products and services.

  • Registration Support - We need contact / support person/s for every region across Australia, especially to help prepare for initial registrations with governing regulators.

  • Charity/Public Fund Team - Fundraising work for the HEA to benefit families in necessitous circumstances.

  • IT/Webdesign - Maintaining pages, etc

  • Media/Social Media - promotion, 'meme-team', interviews

  • Webinars - help with organising and/or participating

  • Join the Committee!Book a time with Karen and have a chat about what is involved.

If you can offer your time, knowledge, skills or all of these things combined, we'd love to hear from you. 

Find out more by having a chat with Karen - just book a time via her Calendar: