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South Australia

In South Australia, you can apply to home educate your child as an educational option. When applying to home educate, you accept overall responsibility for your child’s education. This responsibility includes providing a high quality education that will enable your child to achieve their potential and to develop their capacity. The Department for Education acknowledges that parents who home educate are willing to commit the necessary time, energy and resources to support their child’s education. 

In SA, registration for home education is an exemption from school attendance for the purposes of home education. Children of compulsory school age are required to be enrolled in a school and then exempted from attending for the purpose of home education. 

  1. Enrol in a school - you can email or drop into the main office & request a school enrollment form. If your local school is being difficult then simply email or phone another school.

  2. Fill out school enrolment form (at this point you don't need to mention homeschooling if you don't wish to). When filling out the form add at the top & at the end *for home educating purposes only. 

  3. To access the link to the online application form, email your name, address and contact number to

Applications typically take 2-4 weeks to process. Principals can grant temporary exemptions up to a month. The exemption is reviewed annually and includes a home visit to discuss the child’s education.


Note: In SA, signatures of both biological parents are required for exemption for the purposes of homeschooling. If exemption from school attendance is requested for the purposes of traveling, only a single signature is required.

The HEA Registration Support Team is available to help answer questions you may have in regards to state registration, or offer support if you need. Email we hope you will consider membership with us, the HEA supports Australian home educators regardless of membership. 


The HEA also has a phone Helpline with experienced home educators who can assist you with any general home education questions you may have, particularly 'how to get started'. 1300 72 99 91

In SA you can apply to home educate your child during their compulsory school years (6 to 17 years).

When applying to home educate, you accept overall responsibility for your child’s education and must provide:

  • a suitable education program that meets the goals of the Australian Curriculum (or similar), including strategies and tools to monitor your child’s progress

  • appropriate resources to support your program

  • a suitable learning environment and

  • opportunities for your child’s social interaction.

Guide to home education

The guide to home education in South Australia explains the process and requirements for home education.

This guide has been developed for families considering home education and provides information on:

  • the conditions and criteria for home education

  • alternative education options and exemptions

  • completing the online application

  • renewing a home education exemption

  • resources and services available to you

  • your roles and responsibilities and our roles and responsibilities.

If you have any questions, email the Department for Education's Home Education unit at

Applying to home educate

To access the link to the online application form, email your name, address and contact number to