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Under the Education Act 2016, parents may exercise educational choice to register as home educators, thereby assuming responsibility for delivering education during their children’s compulsory years of schooling.

We acknowledge and pay respect to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community as the traditional and original owners and continuing custodians of this land.

Home educators choosing to register in Tasmania must be Tasmanian residents and are required to submit their proposed home education program to the Office of the Education Registrar [OER] for approval.


The Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council [THEAC] also has input into the registration process in Tasmania.

Tasmanian home educators are not required to adhere to any particular education curriculum.

Home Education is governed by provisions set out in the Education Act 2016 and the Education Regulations 2017.

The HEA Registration Support Team is available to help answer questions you may have in regards to state registration, or offer support if you need. Email  While we hope you will consider membership with us, the HEA supports Australian home educators regardless of membership. 


The HEA also has a phone Helpline with experienced home educators who can assist you with any general home education questions you may have, particularly 'how to get started'. 1300 72 99 91


The registration process requires parents to put together a separate home education program for each child.

Registration is granted for a maximum of one year and a new program should be submitted annually. Each program, (called a Home Education Summary and Program, or HESP), is required to address the 10 standards for approved home education programs as outlined in Regulation 5 of the Education Regulations 2017.


After the HESP has been provisionally approved, a registration officer will arrange to visit the home educator and their children (usually at the family’s home, but parents can request that the visit be conducted at the Registrar’s office, or via Skype. However, the Skype option cannot be used in two consecutive years.)

A combination of part-time home education and part-time school enrolment (up to the equivalent of 2 full days per week) is also a legal option in Tasmania, at the principal’s discretion. 

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