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New South Wales

NSW legislation allows parents to choose to educate their children at home. Home schooling is provided for in Part 7, Subdivision 5 of the Education Act 1990

Home Education in NSW

In NSW the parents' right to determine the educational pathway of their child is enshrined in law, with one of the principles on which the NSW Education Act (1990) is based being that the education of a child is primarily the responsibility of the child’s parents (4b).  The Education Act states that you must be enrolled or registered for home education

Education Act 1990

"s.4 Principles on which this Act is based

(b) the education of a child is primarily the responsibility of the child’s parents,

s.5 Principal objects of this Act

d) to allow children to be educated at home”

Registration is a legal requirement for home educated children of compulsory school age (6-17),  but optional registration is available for children turning 5 by 31 July in the year of application, and students up to, and beyond age 18. 

Home Education in NSW is regulated by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), who are responsible for processing applications for home education. 

As at 31 December 2020, the number of registered home educated students was 7032. That represents an increase of 19.07% since 2019, and 70% over the 5 years 2016-2020. The population growth in NSW has been less than 1.5% annually over the same time period. 

NSW rego 2016-2020.png
Registering for Home Education

Application forms and the Guidelines for Homeschooling Registration in NSW can be found on on the NESA website.

Here's the process in a nutshell: 

  1. Fill in the Application form for Registration and email or post.

  2. You will be contacted  by the Authorised Person (AP) - usually by phone - to arrange a home visit.  You do not need to provide any information during this call - it is simply to make a time for the home visit. 

  3. The AP visits you in your home. Due to Covid-19, this process may occur electronically via zoom or similar. See NESA website for up to date changes to the process. 

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