Code of Ethics for HEA Committee Members, Office Bearers and Volunteers

Version 1.02 28 September 2013

Committee members and office bearers and volunteers of the association will:

  • When representing the Association do so in strict accordance with its objects and principals.
  • Seek approval of the committee before issuing official letters and communication on behalf of the HEA.
  • Keep up to date with home education practices and legislative requirements.
  • Maintain an open mind when discharging duties, and work with a voluntary spirit for the association.
  • Maintain strict integrity and confidentiality in matters financial pertaining to the association
  • Protect and preserve association property held in your care.
  • Do not favour or allow advertising of particular types of educational materials over and above others within the association.
  • Promotion of goods must be in some way to the benefit of the Association. See point four.
  • Ensure members rights and responsibilities are adhered to.
  • Remember parents have the right to determine their child's unique educational pathways.
  • Uphold family freedom of choice and freedom from persecution.
  • Do not allow parenting or educating styles to become an object of discontent in the association.
  • Not hold a position inimical to home education.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality when holding members details; and use only in relation to association business.
  • Act in accordance with copyright laws when using association and other material.
  • Be aware of personal presentation when representing the Association in an official capacity. Do nothing to bring the association into disrepute.
  • Foster a good working relationship using a positive and constructive approach with Government and educational institutions; working towards minimising home education legislation.
  • Discourage negative discussion of particular educative institutions within the association.
  • When representing the association do not become politically affiliated with particular groups or parties.
  • Maintain impartiality with regard to all types of home education and represent the association faithfully in this regard.