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Home Education Association

~ Member funded not-for-profit registered charity ~

Proudly supporting home educators across Australia




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The HEA is the national not-for-profit, incorporated membership association serving Australian homeschoolers since 2001, when it was established by Colleen and Philip Strange. The HEA is run by a committee voluntarily coming together to lead the association.


We have over 1000 Australian families holding membership with us - you can be one too!


Home education involves parents and caregivers taking direct responsibility for the education of their child or children. Home education, also known as home schooling, is a legal option that embraces a wide variety of educational philosophies. People from a variety of backgrounds and educational levels are successfully home educating children of all ages.



The HEA upholds the principle that parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children and respects the diversity of philosophies and methods used by home educators.


The mission of the HEA is to promote and support the practice of home education across Australia and to advance educational equity for members.

Pillars - In order to achieve our mission, HEA will:

  • Increase the profile of and confidence in home education

  • Advocate in the interests of home education

  • Provide support to home educators

  • Co-ordinate and run events and conferences

  • Provide services and resources for our members

  • Foster networks and support groups and train volunteers

  • Connect to organisations and suppliers in the sector

  • Govern and manage the association well

  • Operate a charitable fund to assist home educators in need

The HEA is governed by a Committee who volunteer their time to lead association.  Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting of Members.


Next Committee Meetings:

11 January 2022

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