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Personal Development, 
Health, & Learning Skills

Wellbeing & Confidence.  Some programs are NDIS providers.

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Join Australia's longest running financial education and matched savings program. Build financial skills, develop life-long savings habits, and receive up to $500 to assist with education costs.

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Support your child

Digital career and pathway exploration for students learning from home.

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Normally $9.95 each

HEA members receive 50% off

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b kinder workbooks

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Switched-On Kids Cognition Program

With Dr Kylie Maidment 

10 modules (plus 3 x30 minute sessions with Dr Kylie Maidment) to boost cognitive skills.

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We transform the capabilities of children with learning difficulties, by providing parents with the tools, education and personalised support they need to unlock their child’s learning potential.  

We provide help for kids with ADHD, ASD, anxiety and other learning difficulties.

We know the signs of learning difficulties …

Lack of attention. Poor memory. Poor language skills. Difficulties with basic information processing.

  • Difficulties following instructions. Poor social skills. Problems regulating emotions.

  • Problems keeping up with their peers (academically and socially).

These problems do not go away. Rather, children lose confidence, fall further behind, struggle to achieve and do not reach their full potential. If not addressed, some kids simply “zone out”, daydream and do not take on new information. Others will respond with more challenging and disruptive behaviours.

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Together we will help your child:

  • Boost the cognitive skills that underlie ALL learning.

  • Understand and follow instructions.

  • Complete tasks without having to rely on frequent reminders.

  • Keep up with peers socially and academically.

  • Remember what was just said to them.

  • Resist distractions and maintain attention.

  • Improve math, reading and comprehension.

  • Use their strengths to their advantage.

  • Use strategies to enhance memory and recall.

  • Prevent cognitive overload and meltdown.

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Creating Functional Families

Are you having trouble managing your child?

Parenting isn’t easy.  There is no guidebook, so you need  proven solutions that have stood the test of time.

We offer solutions and assistance to create a future of  confident and harmonious relationships with your child, less stress, more quality time, leading to a happy and healthy family now and forever. 

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50% off for HEA!

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Your Personal Confidence Coach

Creating Your Life Extraordinary takes more than just standard thinking…

if it didn’t, everyone’s life would already be extraordinary.

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Practical Life

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