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Maths Discounts for HEA Members

Primary aged students usually study a general Mathematics curriculum. This includes strand areas of Numbers & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, and Statistics & Probability


Financial Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Strategy are also included on this page.

Check your State's page for any specific requirements that may be applicable.

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More Maths programs within our "Multi-Subject" subscriptions too!

Maths Pathway
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Trusted by over 3,500 Australian teachers (and used by more than 300,000 Australian schoolchildren), the world's best maths learning model is now available at home, just for your child.

Minecraft Math
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World Of Minecraft
Minecraft Education Edition - Ages 5 to 18

The HEA is an Authorised Microsoft Partner with access to Minecraft's Education Edition.  MEE is usually only available to schools.

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$9.00 / Student

Explore hundreds of lessons created by educators around the world, for students of all ages.

Get started with Minecraft: Education Edition using starter kits, each with lessons, downloadable worlds, and tutorials in core school subjects.

More info found here.

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Cambridge HOTmaths 
Foundation to Yr 10

$28.00 / Student

Normally $79.95

Comprehensive mathematics learning system – an interactive online maths learning, teaching and assessment resource.

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MoneyTime - Ages 10 to 14

Being good with money is an essential life skill for a successful future, but how do you teach it to your children?

About the Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards  Conceived to 'Make Money Better', the MAIAs is a new entity focused on raising awareness of the many problems poor financial literacy causes, while also finding the best solutions from all over the world - and shining a light on them via a high-profile awards system judged by leading academics, NGOs, journalists, influencers, and asset managers.  The MAIAs are truly grateful for the support of their 2022 sponsors: Lanturn, a boutique  fintech firm specialising in corporate and fund services; Endowus, a Singapore[1]headquartered digital wealth platform; Bitmex Academy, a multimedia crypto education platform, The Fry Group, an international tax and financial advisory organisation and Albizia  Capital, a boutique fund manager.     About MoneyTime  MoneyTime headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand. Its product is a gamified, online financial literacy program for 10-14 year olds. MoneyTime was launched in New Zealand in June 2018 and its En
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45% off

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Lucas the Maths Tutor!



"Build confidence and learn from thecomfort of home, online 1-to-1, or in my one-too-many workshops!"

Maths & Science Tutoring!

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Online or face-to-face

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Math2Shine is as a comprehensive online portal for children and adults with the aim of making Maths a fun and natural activity. The teaching methodology makes the mind work naturally when practicing and learning mathematics. This portal is built to provide a holistic approach towards learning mathematics.

50% off

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Ages 6 to 14

Note this subscription runs on calendar basis so access

is until Feb 2023.

(normally $99 through Mathletics direct)

Providing assignable activities, assessments and problem-solving and reasoning tasks with immediate feedback and data to inform planning and progress tracking.


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Ages 3 to 9

INCLUDES the full ABC Reading Eggs program too!

Saving you 40%

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Engage early learners with the basics of mathematics and numeracy

Core concepts are covered through interactive lessons; comprising multiple short activities including songs, videos, real-life connections and mathematics models and images

Mathseeds blends eye-catching designs and best-practice gamification to keep students engaged.

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Maths Mate Australia  Textbooks for Years 7 & 8

15% off!

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Putting the Fun in Fundamental!

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BANQER Financial Education - High School

55% off!

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