Maths Discounts for HEA Members

Primary aged students usually study a general Mathematics curriculum. This includes strand areas of Numbers & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, and Statistics & Probability


Financial Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Strategy are also included on this page.

Check your State's page for any specific requirements that may be applicable.

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Money Time

Homeschool financial literacy curriculum

45% off all annual subscriptions for HEA 

NZ$47 - usually NZ$89!

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Cambridge - HOTmaths

Foundation to Year 10

$28/student - HEA is able to get this school price rather than the usual $79.95 home price.


ABC - Mathseeds

Ages 3-9

$40 - 12 month subscription

That's over 30% off the usual $59.95 price

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3P Learning - Mathletics

Ages 6-14

$36 - Access valid until Feb 2022

That's over 60% off a 12 month subscription!

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Ages 5-16

$75/one child or $125 for family (5).

Normally $100/child

MangaHigh - Maths games &



Carter's Chess Online

Primary and Secondary

30% off Term Prices


More Maths programs found on our "Multi-Subject" discount page


Multi-Subject MINECRAFT

Language Arts * Science * Math *History & Culture  *Computer Science * Art & Design

Only $8.20 per HEA student!

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Get 45% off all annual subscriptions

Being good with money is an essential life skill for a successful future, but how do you teach it to your children?

  • Tried and tested with over 30,000 students to date

  • For children ages 10 to 14

  • Designed to be self taught

  • Includes parent study guide

MoneyTime is the ideal homeschool financial literacy curriculum for kids in New Zealand and Australia.

100% educational screen time

30 Practical personal finance topics

43 Lesson modules to complete

30 Mins to complete each module

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45% off annual subscriptions for HEA

HEA = NZ$49 for the 1st child, and NZ$37 for each subsequent child - that's an additional 25% off!


Engage early learners with the basics of mathematics and numeracy

Core concepts are covered through interactive lessons; comprising multiple short activities including songs, videos, real-life connections and mathematics models and images

Mathseeds blends eye-catching designs and best-practice gamification to keep students engaged.

Free Trial



Usually $59.95

Save even more by combining with ABC Reading Eggs

Ages 3-9


Providing assignable activities, assessments and problem-solving and reasoning tasks with immediate feedback and data to inform planning and progress tracking.

Bring the love of learning home with the most engaging online
mathematics program in the world

Aimed for

ages 6-14

Success is different for every child. Mathletics provides a safe, encouraging learning environment that provides the right level of challenge to help your learners grow, gain confidence, and achieve their best.

Students find engagement through purpose & reward. Learners can put their mathematics skills to use through activities and challenges that are relevant and attention-grabbing.

HEA Special pricing of just $36!

Note this subscription runs on calendar basis so access is until Feb 2022

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Comprehensive mathematics learning system – an interactive online maths learning, teaching and assessment resource.

A suite of flexible resources (printable and online) is provided, ranging from those with no technology to full laptop access.

A Cambridge HOTmaths

subscription provides you with access to all resources for Foundation to Year 10, including the learning management system.

Each topic includes topic quizzes and has lessons containing:

  • Lesson notes

  • Interactive and printable resources

  • Walkthroughs

  • Questions

  • Scorcher

  • Dictionary

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(HEA has obtained the 'school' price for members)

Usual home price is $79.95


Mangahigh is a game-based learning platform for primary and secondary school mathematics.

Comprehensive and engaging educational platform to develop maths and coding skills.

Adaptive quizzes, innovative games and social competitions

Over 700 engaging activities to boost student understanding

You will receive a login for yourself and each registered child. All the content is aligned to the curriculum they would be following in the classroom, so it’s perfect for homeschooling.

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$75/child or

$125/Family of 5 learners

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