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Charlie Neill - June 2021

Wanna save some cash without the FOMO? Just because you’re trying to save some money, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun whilst doing it! Below are some ways you and your friends can do things on the cheap.

1. Sign up to coupon sites

Looking for cheap deals online or things to do on a day out?

Websites like Groupon and Honey are great money savers you can try out whether you’re out and about or chilling at home. Groupon and Scoopon are discount coupon websites which searches for deals in your local area. It also features a coupon section which provid

es promo codes for your fave online stores like ASOS and Nike. Honey is also a great tool for saving a few bucks whilst shopping online. Honey is a browser extension which offers you promo codes that relate to the website you’re shopping on.

2. Sell or take part in clothes swaps

Want to revamp your wardrobe but don’t want to empty your bank account? Selling and trading clothes is a great way to get some ‘new’ threads. Apps like Depop are great for giving some of your not so favourite jeans a new lease of life. Making an Instagram account for your clothes can also be a helpful tool in selling that unwanted winter wardrobe when thing start warming up. Another fun way to get some new pieces is doing a clothes swap with a friend. Find yourself a friend with a similar style to you and swap away!

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