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Are you AWARE?

AWARE is RSPCA’s free online Australian Curriculum-aligned education program, helping young people learn animal welfare and empathy through Science, English, Maths, Design and Technologies and more.

AWARE = Animal Wellbeing: Awareness, Responsibility and Education

Australia is a nation of animal lovers. An estimated 61% of Australian households own a pet and there are approximately 29 million pets in Australia - that’s more than our human population!

RSPCA Australia is fortunate in being able to engage with many different groups across diverse communities, with children and young adults amongst the leading animal welfare charity’s most ardent supporters. Young people are always interested in learning about different animals, the ways they can assist RSPCA to help animals in the community and how they might take better care of their own family pets.

The RSPCA saw a clear need for educational resources that promote the knowledge and empathy for animals that young people seek, while also meeting the requirements of modern learning.

So….. Welcome to the AWARE Education Program! AWARE is RSPCA’s FREE online education program, suitable for students from Foundation to Year 8 and designed to provide educators with Australian Curriculum aligned learning, using animals as a thematic focus.

AWARE’s dedicated Educators’ Portal is where all of the program’s learning resources can be found in one place.

Included are:

  • Units of Learning across many Learning Areas, including Science, English, Maths, Design and Technologies and more

  • Multiple options for Learning Activities so educators can tailor lessons for their own learners

  • Australian Curriculum codes for ease of use

  • Links to further research projects, videos, printables and more



Registration on AWARE’s Educators’ Portal is simple, free and takes less than a minute. Once registered, you have access to the full suite of AWARE resources and will join over 2500 educators around Australia already accessing RSPCA AWARE.

If you would like more information on RSPCA AWARE, please email the organisation’s Education Manager Jacqui Heynen -

This article was contributed by the RSPCA.

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