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Career education must be for all – not just those going to university

Career education must be for all, not just those going to university. It is important for all individuals to have access to information about different career paths and opportunities, regardless of their educational background or future plans.

In Australia, there is a tendency to prioritise university education and view it as the primary path to success. However, this narrow focus can leave many individuals feeling uncertain about their options and limited in their potential career paths.

Additionally, not everyone is interested in pursuing a university education, and it is important to provide support and guidance to those who may choose alternative paths such as vocational education or apprenticeships.

This view is not developed in isolation, a report by the Education and Employers Taskforce (2014) highlights the importance of careers education in providing students with information about different career paths and the skills required for success in the workplace. The report emphasises that career education should be relevant to all students, regardless of their future plans, and should focus on developing the key employability skills that are valued by employers.

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