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Changing the language from negative to positive

Changing the language from negative to positive:

I have read a lot of posts this week about the first day of school and how this is a day that can induce fear and anxiety in our children. What I took from these posts is the negative language that many of us use to describe this occasion and these feelings that our children may share.

Where is the positive language? It may be the first day of school, it may be a new school, a new grade, a new teacher, a new group of friends but isn’t this what life is about? Of course, some children do really struggle with this day but aren’t most children just nervous, worried and a little apprehensive? Maybe they experienced their hearts beating a little faster, their palms a little sweaty, but is it not our job as role models to encourage our children to understand that these feelings are normal. These feelings are what growing up is all about, these are the moments that shape our children and lay the foundations that help them build resilience and confidence throughout life. The first day of school is an opportunity to help our children understand that these momentous occasions are to be embraced and treasured and to encourage them to view their experiences with wonder, curiosity, and most of all excitement.

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Karina Bright
Karina Bright
Apr 17, 2023

It's a good little article, however, I don't find any relevance of it to the homeschooling community.

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