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Croquet anyone?

Croquet Victoria invites Victorian Home Educators to consider croquet as an option for a sporting activity that can be part of their weekly learning activities. Croquet Victoria has 85 clubs throughout Victoria that may be contacted by parents of home-schooled children to provide a sporting option for their children.

Croquet is a non-contact sport for life. Most clubs offer all the equipment to play making it one of the cheapest sports to participate in. All that is required is flat-soled shoes so as not to damage the court.

Why try croquet?
• game of skill and mental agility
• within half an hour a beginner can grasp the basics of the game.
• played by men and women as equals
• played by all ages from schoolchildren to individuals in their nineties
• played in England, USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Egypt and Australia (plus a version known as gateball played in Japan)
• played socially and competitively,
• played in upright position using a mallet at walking pace resulting in less strain on the body than many other sports such as golf, bowls or tennis
• played throughout the year in Australia.

Croquet is played on a court that measures 35 yards by 28 yards. The lawns used are normally level and flat but not to the same standard as a bowling green. Six hoops are laid out on the court and each player uses a mallet to strike a ball with the aim of running each hoop in a specified order and direction. Each game is played with either two players (singles)

or four players (doubles) and four coloured balls are in play at all times. Juniors can progress to World Championships.

For more information, contact Croquet Victoria on and we can put you in touch with your nearest croquet club.

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