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Enlightening and Fun!

by Kerre Burley

Forget Professional and Personal Development, families around the globe need Parental development now more than ever and Kerre Burley has the solutions.

Kerre is a quirky, fun speaker specialising in “Parental development” topics for families, educators and parents in the corporate sector.

She hails from Newcastle NSW in Australia and is a mother of five boys and three grandsons. Kerre is a highly respected and experienced professional in the field of family support and counseling.

With over 20 years of experience working with families, Kerre has a deep understanding of the complex issues that can arise within families, and a passion for helping families in need.

She is the CEO and master trainer with The Goulding Institute and responsible for over 300 international SleepTalk® speakers, foundation coaches and professional consultants.

Her business “Creating Functional Families” also provides valuable assistance to hundreds of families around the world, specialising in assisting young families with children needing assistance with behaviour and attitude challenges.

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