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Hear for your future.

Sound Scouts mission is to help eliminate undetected hearing loss in children. The aim is to provide an accessible hearing test solution for school aged children and adults across Australia & around the world.

Recognising that mobile game technology could hold the key to creating this Sound Scouts partnered with the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) the research arm of Hearing Australia. Combining technology with the science allowed Sound Scouts to create an app that provides parents, schools & healthcare professionals with direct access to an innovative and clinically validated hearing check solution.

“The hearing health-care system has been missing a low-cost, easily administered, reliable hearing test that can be widely applied to children at school entry so that no child has to go through school at a disadvantage because of unmanaged hearing loss.” Hearing Professor Harvey Dillon.

Since inception Sound Scouts has been honoured with multiple national and international awards celebrating both our innovative approach to hearing screening and our creative use of technology.

Sound Scouts is a registered medical device ARTG Identifier: 297060.

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3 commentaires

In Queensland, all newborn babies are tested for hearing before leaving the hospital, I think. Is this a catch-up testing option for those who missed the newborn test, or is that one insufficient?

Membre inconnu
28 févr. 2023
En réponse à

Afterall, anything could happen between birth and growing up.

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