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Math2Shine is a specialized learning and teaching platform

Math2Shine is a specialized learning and teaching platform to help students and teachers improve learning outcome through most comprehensive curriculum that includes school math, vedic math, abacus and competitive exams math. Math2Shine stimulates both sides of the brain and help the students develop 360 degrees MathSense. Math2Shine makes mathematics learning fun, enjoyable and easy. Teachers and parents can track the performance of students in terms of time spent in learning and improvement made in speed and accuracy. Math2Shine AI based algorithms develop dynamic worksheets so that students get new questions each time. Math2Shine believes that actual teaching experience is very valuable and is looking to empower and enable mathematics teachers around the world improve their teaching experience, productivity and earning. Math2Shine is a Singapore registered company and it was founded by IIT and NITIE alumni with great passion for mathematics and teaching.

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