Northern Territory: Free Civics Resources

Updated: Jan 28

Manager of Parliamentary Education Services, Lisa Belde wrote to the HEA in late 2020 to extend a welcome to home educators of the Northern Territory (and those travelling through the Territory) to visit the Legislative Assembly.

"We are able to arrange a tour of the Parliament for students working at levels Year 3 and above, and can organise a voting activity with the NT Electoral Commission as well."

The Department of the Legislative Assembly Parliamentary Education Services unit provides a FREE service and support to promote community awareness of the constitutional role and significance of the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory. We offer a wide range of programs and resource materials including:

  • School Programs

  • Public Tours

  • Adult Education

  • Parliament Promotions

  • Resource Publications

Check out our latest curriculum resources For further information please contact Parliamentary Education Services by Email or Phone (08) 8946 1434

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