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Our Gifted Kids

In this episode, we’re talking to Dr Daniel Fried about his Biochemistry Literacy for Kids online classes.

As soon as I saw this, I knew my gifted kids would love it and I’m excited to share something made for kids that is high-level science – that is so hard to find! I hope you love it too!

Memorable Quote

“Dr. Daniel Fried has been my son’s mentor for more than two years. When my then 5-year-old wanted to learn more about “real science”, Dr. Fried was the only one who believed and allowed a young child like my son to enter his classroom. Dr. Fried has a Ph.D. from Yale University and his life-long mission is to make college-level science accessible to younger students. He has taught many elementary students college-level biochemistry and organic chemistry.” – Hui, an Our Gifted Kids podcast listener

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