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Primary aged students usually study a broad Science curriculum while Secondary students focus on specific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Science, and Physics.

Check your State's page for any specific requirements that may be applicable.

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More Science found within our "Multi-Subject" programs.

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Experimentary makes it easier than ever to get students doing experiments, so they learn not just the science context, but also how to do science. 

Aligned to the Australian curriculum.

Covers a range of scientific principles in biology, chemistry & physics


Engaging how-to videos led by Dr Rob Bell

Digital lab book for students to record results & findings.

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Good Science

Resources for the Australian Curriculum

Aimed for

Years 7 to 10

*Biology  *Physics  *Chemistry

Lessons and workbooks for the Australian high school science curriculum – chemistry, physics, biology.

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Kids want to feel like they are being treated as competent learners.

When they know that they are learning college science we see an immediate boost in their attention, enthusiasm, and confidence, and they work hard to reach our learning expectations.

Biochemistry Literacy for Kids is a unique learning program that brings comprehensive college science curricula to students beginning in elementary school.

Perfect for homeschool usedetailed video lessons & activities allow students of any background to learn all on their own! 

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Approx $120 for both components:

$75 program

+$45 Kit

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Digital, interactive suite of science lessons for Years 5 and 6. It is simple and intuitive to use.

Mapped to the Australian curriculum.

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Lessons allow children to learn by doing, using ideas they are already familiar with, such as natural disasters, plants, food and the solar system.

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Usually only available for schools


COSMOS - A world class science education for every student

Aimed for

Years 7 to 10

*Biology  *Physics  *Chemistry  *Earth & Space

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Usually only available for schools.

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Stile blends interactive science lessons, science news stories and hands-on investigations to empower students to observe, think, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers.

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Subscription ends 31 Dec 2021