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The HEA is primarily founded upon the premise that parents are the best equipped people to teach their kids. We are here to support you in your home education journey.

Email the HEA Registration Support Team: 

If you need advice and support on how to get started with home education or if you're already home educating and would like to make contact with someone that can give you a little moral support to get you over the bump of today's home educating challenges, here are some contact options for you:

  • Registration Support - email the HEA Support Team and we will help get you in contact with another home educator who has been through the process. We have helpful documents and can give some advice. HEA members can get a registration pack free with their membership.
  • Helpline - you can ring our volunteer support line on 1300729991
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Remember, we're here to support you - there are thousands of home educators in Australia. Our mission is to promote and support the practice of home education across Australia and to advance educational equity for homeschoolers.

Being a Support Person

  • Support Contact - If you would like to be listed with the HEA as someone who can support another homeschooler or help with registration, please let the Registration Support Team know: or

State Registration Information

Information about registration in your state is below. If you would like to be put in contact with a supporter in your area, please email

Note: If your child is currently unable to attend school, for example if they are experiencing anxiety or trauma, a GP may provide a certificate exempting your child from attending school until registration is approved. 

Family Court orders may affect registration. Please email with any  questions.  



To apply for registration for homeschooling in NSW, NESA provides information on this page of their website.

The basic steps involved are 

  1. Fill in the Application form for Initial Registration and email or post. 

  2. You will be contacted generally within a week or so of application to arrange a home visit. 

  3. Prepare for the visit: you will need (as listed on the application form) - a plan linked to the NSW Syllabus, a system of record keeping, and resources to show the AP. 

HEA can provide support with putting together a plan, and recommends having an experienced home educator provide  support. For help with documentation, finding a supporter, or other support, email

For more detail see the following information document - Support for NSW Homeschooling Applicants   (PDF)

Registration is a legal requirement for home educated children from the child’s 6th birthday, but optional registration is available in line with eligibility to attend mainstream school, from the beginning of the year in which the child turns 5 by 31 July. 


A low stress way is to first register for ‘provisional only’ registration. This is done in writing, not using the HEU form, as explained in this Document: Applying for Provisional Registration Qld. An editable template to help you apply ‘in writing’ is available - email

Legally HEU must grant provisional registration when your application in writing (and a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate) is received.

Once you have been granted ‘provisional only’ registration, you have two months to develop a plan and apply for ‘registration’. HEA can connect you with a volunteer to help develop a plan to apply for ‘registration’, using the form  Application for registration for home education (DOC, 216KB).

Registration is a legal requirement for home educated children over the age of 6.5, but optional registration is available in line with eligibility to attend mainstream school, from the beginning of the year in which the child turns 5.5 by 31 December that year. 


Home educators choosing to register in Tasmania must be Tasmanian residents and are required to submit their proposed home education program to the Office of the Education Registrar [OER] for approval. The Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council [THEAC] also has input into the registration process in Tasmania.

Tasmanian home educators are not required to adhere to any particular education curriculum.

The registration process requires parents to put together a separate home education program for each child.

Registration is granted for a maximum of one year and a new program should be submitted annually. Each program, (called a Home Education Summary and Program, or HESP), is required to address the 10 standards for approved home education programs as outlined in Regulation 5 of the Education Regulations 2017. For a more detailed explanation of these, see the document:“Understanding the home education system in Tasmania” 

After the HESP has been provisionally approved, a registration officer will arrange to visit the home educator and their children (usually at the family’s home, but parents can request that the visit be conducted at the Registrar’s office, or via Skype. However, the Skype option cannot be used in two consecutive years.)

A combination of part-time home education and part-time school enrolment (up to the equivalent of 2 full days per week) is also a legal option in Tasmania, at the principal’s discretion. 


Notify the ACT Education Directorate within 14 days of un-enrolling the child from a school. Registration must be granted within 28 days of receipt of an application meeting basic criteria. A plan must be developed and provided within 3 months of registration.  You can combine part-time home education and school. There is an interview at the Directorate office and annual progress reporting. HEA can connect you with a volunteer to help you with the process.

ACT Education Directorate

Assistant Manager Home Education

Ph: (02) 6205 9299

South Australia

In SA, registration for home education is an exemption from school attendance for the purposes of home education. Children of compulsory school age are required to be enrolled in a school and then exempted from attending for the purpose of home education. 

  1. Enrol in a school - you can email or drop into the main office & request a school enrollment form. If your local school is being difficult then simply email or phone another school.

  2. Fill out school enrolment form (at this point you don't need to mention homeschooling if you don't wish to). When filling out the form add at the top & at the end *for home educating purposes only. 

  3. To access the link to the online application form, email your name, address and contact number to 

Applications typically take 2-4 weeks to process. Principals can grant temporary exemptions up to a month. The exemption is reviewed annually and includes a home visit to discuss the child’s education.

Note: In SA, signatures of both biological parents are required for exemption for the purposes of homeschooling. 

If exemption from school attendance is requested for the purposes of traveling, only a single signature is required.

Northern Territory


To register in Victoria, complete and lodge the Application form from VRQA, together with a Learning Plan for each child for the first 12 months of registration.

Registration in Victoria is not difficult, you need not follow the Victorian Curriculum or follow year levels, you just need to include something for the bulk of 8 learning areas. On your learning plan you need to nominate a record keeping method but changing systems is fine. Record keeping can be anything you find that works for you. Exemptions are readily available for individual KLAs. 

There is a 10% chance of a home educator being selected for review in any given year -  you need to indicate what you've been doing but records can be minimal.

Part time school attendance with registration for homeschooling is an option in Victoria at the principal’s discretion. Traveling is also acceptable while registered for home education in Victoria.

Western Australia

An application form is available by contacting your nearest Regional Education office and should be lodged there. Fill out the form. You will need to produce a copy of each child's birth certificate or extract, and any extant court orders.  Confirmation of registration will be emailed.

Within 3 months a moderator will visit to see how your child learns, and discuss strategies to ensure educational improvement. You can provide samples of work, photos, reports, videos or PowerPoint presentations to show the child’s learning progress.

Further details can be accessed on the Home Education page of the Department of Education website