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Wingaru Kids for Home Education

Our aim is to help all students understand and respect the world’s oldest continuous living culture, and recognise the need for reconciliation in our country.

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Wingaru Kids for Home Education, is a 12 month subscription providing

Aboriginal education resources to support home schooling families to explore

Aboriginal content through a carefully curated collection of curriculum aligned

lessons. The lessons are appropriate for primary school age students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Each complete lesson is presented in a watch, play, learn format. A learning guide is provided to support parents and carers with curriculum alignment and reporting as well as explore each lesson topic further.

Wingaru Kids provides quality content created by Aboriginal people in an engaging format so that students are excited to learn authentic and accurate knowledge about Aboriginal people and culture.

The resource features lessons designed for each learning stage as established in the Australian Curriculum. While lessons are designed to build on learning in previous years, they do not rely on previous knowledge and can be taught independently of other lessons. This provides parents and carers with complete flexibility to decide which lessons are appropriate for their children, how many lessons will be used and in what order.

Lessons are structured around a watch, read or look activity which is accompanied by interactive activities designed to test comprehension of the source as well as explore the surrounding issues.


  • Explore topics with our fun and informative videos. Each video provides all the information your child needs to complete the lesson and can be watched as many times as they like.



  • Engage with the information from the video by completing digital activities. Each lesson has 3 different digital activities for your child to complete. Check out the game centre for additional game-based learning.



  • Connect with Aboriginal Australian culture by exploring the lessons and gaining new knowledge and perspectives. Each lesson contributes to developing your child’s respect for diversity and understanding of cultural differences.

  • Students will have the opportunity to explore a range of topics including pre and post invasion history, early contact, Indigenous science, bush tucker, traditional Aboriginal tools, Aboriginal language, Aboriginal land use and sustainability, and cultural expression.

  • Watch the Wingaru Kids video overview



Family Account Details

A family account provides access for up to 4 students residing at the same address. Accounts are tailored to education grade. A Family account provides access to Wingaru Kids resources for a 12-month period. Access is provided as login details for the student portal at

*Please note the lessons are appropriate for primary school age students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

All you need to access Wingaru Kids is a computer / laptop / ipad and internet connection. There are no additional software or hardware requirements.

(normally $69.00)

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