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Australian and overseas groups:

HEA Online Discussions Discussion forums
aussiehomeschoolcampers Yahoo Group
australiansecularhomeschoolers Yahoo Group
home-education-sa Yahoo Group
Learningnaturally Yahoo Group
Rockpool Discussion forums
Aussie Educator Resources
Australian Homeschool Network Yahoo Group
Australian Homeschool Network Online chat
homeschoolAustraliaFAQ Yahoo Group
Aussiehomeschool Discussion forums
Aussiehomeschool Yahoo Group
QLDhomeschoolers Yahoo Group
Connecting Queensland Home Schoolers website
SHEN - Sydney Home Education Network website
Education Resources Yahoo Group
Home Education Tasmania Discussion forums and resources
SteinerHEN Yahoo Group
Western Sydney Home Educators Yahoo Group
NSW / QLD Border Home School Network Yahoo Group
Northern Victoria Homeschool Website
Cape to Cape Home Educator's Network Yahoo Group
South Australia Homeschool Facebook Group
Homeschool Australia Facebook Group














Contacts and links that may assist parents and home educators with children that have special needs.

Autism / Aspergers:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HENASD  (Home educator online support group established by HEN Victoria for the mutual support of parents home educating children on the autistic spectrum)