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To be held in 2023

*Earlybird Family Ticket - only $44 for HEA Members

$55 for non-members

Individual tickets may also be purchased

*From 1st Sept, prices go up $3 per person

Everything below inc in the ticket pricing! Materials too!

Build a solar light together to be sent to a child overseas living in energy poverty.  The HEA are providing the light kits at a cost of $35/each. Donations welcome, but not necessary.

Solar Buddy Workshop!

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Take Your Power Back

Confidently lead the next step on your homeschooling journey

Diana helps home educators confidently engage a modern education & leadership mindset, become too cool for schooling, and live & learn free.


Biochemistry Literacy for Kids Workshop

In this interactive science learning presentation, Dr. Daniel Fried, a scientist and teacher from New York, will remotely guide students in the use of hand held molecular models and his Biochemistry Literacy curriculum. Students will learn how to assemble flavour molecules, medicines, and the class will work together to assemble a giant plastic polymer molecule! This is a great introduction to chemistry, but also wonderful for more experienced science learners because they will be learning in a unique visual and tactile way. For more information on the program, check out the project website:

Melb Learning 2022_BioChem_1 LOWRES.jpg
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Melb Learning 2022_BioChem_8 LOWRES.jpg

Damon McDonald will be speaking to the adults about his work "I AM Awesome".

Knowing who you are now and who you want to become forms a clarity only after understanding what shaped you in the first place. Values and principles are the niche focus of the Iam Awesome Movement for creating Awesome kids.

IAM Awesome!

400x400-Iam-Awesome-book-cover (1).png

Crafts, Activities, Card-making!

Kids will have an opportunity to make a card or gift

for Father's Day. We realise that not everyone has a 

dad in their life, so the focus will be on making a card

or gift for a special adult.

Other activities and craft will also be available if the

child does not want to make a card/gift.

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We had a GREAT Brisbane Family Fun Day!

Thank you for all the families who came and participated.

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