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A whole new way of reading books and learning contents!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

A 15% discount is available for HEA members off the ARpedia range - get your discount code in the membershop (you'll need to be logged in) to "The Brainary".

ARpedia has developed a reading system that is completely different from what you’ve seen in the past. It combines the best aspects of digital and traditional print and extends the student reading experience beyond the pages.

Designed for ages 6-12, the goal of ARpedia is to spark readers’ and learners’ creativity with fun and engaging activities using an interactive paper book, an app on a smartphone or tablet, and Spotty the tablet holder. Spotty allows readers to experience amazing, different, and fun effects with every page; images come alive in 3D, special effects appear when

questions are answered correctly (and incorrectly as well), and custom drawings made by

the reader will even appear on the tablet and IN the book itself. Readers will be learning

different subjects through the entire book series, taking special trips to distant space,

completing various activities, encountering frightening dinosaurs and even learning from

world-renowned scientists such as Mendel and Newton.

ARpedia provides not only the benefits of typical reading but also engages students as it

requires them to take an active part in the stories. Consequently, comprehension and

learning outcomes are superior to other reading methods.

Children will expand their knowledge of the world through interactive digital content that will spark their imagination and trigger their visual and auditory senses. By making the content interactive, children find it more fun and engaging than a simple static image found in a traditional book.

Readers can also personalise parts of the story and create their own digital characters, giving them the opportunity to explore their creativity and feel they are included in the story.

The first book series for Spotty, ‘Into the Curiosity Q’, covers the 10 most engaging topics for kids, which include important STEM subjects such as space, weather, animals and more, with more than 160 different interactive activities kids can enjoy and engage with.

The second series, ‘Into the Community’, is a collection of short stories with interactive

education activities that introduce readers to 5 different places and people in the community.

The third series, ‘AR Science Lab’, has been a total hit since its launch just a few months

ago. This series includes 4 different Science resources on: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and

Earth Science, and carries more than 130 hands-on science experiments with augmented


A 15% discount is available for HEA members off the ARpedia range - get your discount code in the membershop (you'll need to be logged in).

Many more titles are in the pipeline and the details can be found …


Phone: (03) 5229 2260

71 Pakington St, Geelong

West VIC 3218

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