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More Data for Remote Students

While at EduTech recently, I had the pleasure of talking with the Elise, who is an Executive Manager with NBN. Her focus is on education access for regional and remote students. If you, like me, live in rural or remote Australia and are reliant on satellite internet, you may be interested (and relieved!) to learn of the updates to the Sky Muster service. ~Karen Chegwidden

nbn® Sky Muster® Plus satellite to offer more daytime VPN and video streaming data

Access to fast and reliable broadband plays a vital role in the lives of people across Australia and Broadband demand has continued to grow.

The nbn® Sky Muster® Plus satellite service now includes more data than ever before.

People connected to nbn Sky Muster Plus satellite service can now access Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and video streaming for 16 hours a day - between 12am (midnight) and 4pm- without it counting toward their monthly data allowance. Previously all VPN and video streaming counted towards a person's monthly data allowance, regardless of the time of day.

This means between the hours of 4pm and 12 am midnight, only video streaming and VPN use will count towards a user’s monthly data allowance. Activities like online shopping, emails, and internet banking, audio streaming, video calling, and Wi-Fi calling will continue not to count towards a user’s monthly data allowance for the full 24 hours.

This is a major improvement for customers and responds to their calls for more data. The improvements will also come at no extra wholesale cost.

New customers and existing nbn Sky Muster customers can enquire about upgrading to nbn® Sky Muster™ by calling their preferred internet service provider. For existing nbn® Sky Muster™ Plus users, the changes will automatically be applied.

nbn® Sky Muster™ and Sky Muster Plus equipment is professionally installed and maintained. nbn does not charge internet service providers for an initial standard installation or the standard satellite equipment.

Visit to find out more.

Top tips to get the most from your data on nbn® Sky Muster® Plus

With the introduction of the changes, nbn has also introduced three tips to help people to get the most out of their nbn Sky Muster Plus satellite service.

Check if nbn Sky Muster is right for you. The nbn Sky Muster satellite service is available across 99.98 per cent of nbn’s satellite footprint in Australia and is a great option for many homes and small businesses, especially in regional, rural and remote areas. Check in with services like the Regional Tech Hub and with your phone and internet provider to see if it will meet your needs.

Choose the right plan. nbn Sky Muster Plus is available through a range of phone and internet providers that can offer you a range of plans to suit your needs with monthly data allowances for video streaming and VPN use between 4pm and 12am midnight. Find a phone and internet provider that suits you.

Data smarter. To help get even more from your monthly data allowance, you can do things like downloading your favourite TV shows/movies before 4pm to watch them when you want, adjusting play back settings on video streaming services and turning off auto play settings for websites that have embedded streaming content when using them between 4pm – 12 am midnight.

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